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In the National League's for the National League in the all star game next month. Even after last night's run in with the Rockies were you allowed seven to perform things, and was charged with his worst outing of the year. Colorado, top LA thirteen to nine for their first win over the dodgers in twelve games. Braves down the Mets six two to read double up the cubs, sixty three Cole. Hamels off after one inning with an oblique injury have about the pirates Kevin Newman. He ended his hitting streak to eighteen games in the most impressive fashion against the brewers. I one from shos scene and a swing and a fly ball hit out to deep left field. Gamble back there. It goes. Red for Kevin Newman. He's over three straight games and the pirates. Get one back. It's two to one. Don't block with the call and the pirates radio network. Pittsburgh's Pittsburgh, edged the brewers three to Padres over the cardinals three one giants down the back sixty three Marlins beat the Phillies sixty to the nationalist, get over five hundred with a three one victory against the Tigers American League, Yuli gurriel, providing a walk off home, run the tenth and lifts the Astros passed the Mariners two to one. Lance Lynn eight scoreless innings ten strikeouts. The Rangers blinked to raise five nothing. As Texas went at six zero. White Sox edge. The twin six to four medals with two homers for the as Oakland gets passed the angels, seventy two the Orioles cruise over the Indians, thirteen to nothing NBA free agency opening up tomorrow. Kevin Durant is reportedly going to be engaged with only four teams. It's the warriors the clippers the nets and the Knicks ESPN reports. Kawhi Leonard requested that only team owner genie butts and Magic Johnson sit down with him when he has his meeting with the Lakers. Johnson step down as the team's president of basketball operations two months ago. Nets reportedly extend a qualifying offer to guard Dangelo Russell making him a restricted free agent, the kings doom and the same with Willie Connie Stein. This is Justin shackled this task. And I'm the moose, we have free agency to talk about TASR moose. Join us. Monday morning, six pre Pacific. Colorado springs. What's going on? Jim Rome here. Catch me in the jumble. Weekdays, ten to one on Xtra sports thirteen hundred. We know when kids grow up time spent in the park around the campfire. Lake is what they'll.

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