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Generation is urkel from when you say, our do you mean white? He was white or. It's crazy. How the turn that some of these people like he's like this cute little kid, and he's like, and you're like, Scott Fay, how cool and then he's like America America again, and you're all scholastic thing, and that is what I watch their Anthony cut. Remember, the babysitters club TV show, which we're talking about a little bit. I was to see it again. And it is Curry's e it's so slow. It's wonderful. I loved I babysitters club is one of those books that I read when I was in elementary school to talk to girls. Interested in. In college. Charlie's the shit. Oh my God. It feels that would rent this from blockbuster scholastic. We make books and also this show. No. I don't think it's going to be well, they have a little cold open. The open. That's procreation right thing. Casting party casting pan me all they're like, it's a sketch Awan. This is a Canadian show. I don't know where they actually it would make sense. Let's get going there. A lot of Americans though, Danny timbre Elliot's in it as a five year old. Diversity back, then just met one person was in a beret. Eight white girls a Beretta. Times bad times tweet. We don't have to you guys. Don't have to. I love it. Great. Yeah. Like, the cheers one is like, everybody's your friend. And this one's everyone's your friend and your help you in hard times. I love nine, Sean. So that that set up the mood, but then my favorite theme songs are the ones that are like day. Explain like the entire. Where it's like, then they crashed in then they they did this thing. The song is the previously on. Sure wondering how they got here. It was a three hour. Twenty two minute episode. Remember, what the original Gilligan's island theme song didn't include the professor and Marianne? They just said and the rest, but it was just. I guess they figured out, and Mary and that that's the one that sticks the most because it's the last one. That's when they say, professor Murray boiler say nice. Cantors addict, right? Oh, God Gilligan's island was his show that felt so old. But then every time I watch it. I was like this is I'm like really into it. And I didn't think I would like it. So every time I was on. I was like what is this bullshit? And then I would be like fifteen minutes into the episode of Mike. I hope the coconut radio works like a mmediately bought it straddled black and white at the beginning and then into color so heels like an old show. And then it also feels like a little bit of a new show thought you were lying it straddled black away. Like who's the black? Was one eight. Siblings. Yeah. I have five that is like a TV show to six of us. The Partridge family kids kids where do you fall in the lineup number two. So there's my older sister and then triplet little sisters. So. Television. And then a little brother. I don't even think I knew that. And don't you like that? I don't know which one. Dakhil though, they're not identical identical triplets or known anyone who was related to triplets. Cool. What was it like growing up? Like was that did the women run the TV situation in your house or? Yeah..

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