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And 55, let's go to Jeff claymore. The Dow finished the day of 436 points one and a half percent. The S&P 500 Index up 72 has almost 2%, the NASDAQ up 247 points. That was a 2% gain for the NASDAQ, it snapped a 7 day losing streak, the gaming florid MGM national harbor remains busy. The casino generated $72 million in gaming revenue in August, 7% more than last year, and well above gaming revenue at any of the 5 other Maryland casinos. Even with a housing market slowdown, there's still aren't enough homes for sale. A more potential sellers may sit it out now. A Freddie Mac survey says the share of respondents who say this is a bad time to sell rose to 35% this month. The Department of Education will soon launch a fresh start program for student loan borrowers in default. They'll be able to switch to a new loan servicer, set up a new payment payment plan and then have the default cleared, 7 million federal student loan borrowers are in default. Jeff Gable, WTO news. That roar you may have heard minutes ago is because hyattsville is Frances tiafoe has advanced to the men's semifinals at the U.S. open just minutes ago it happened. We've got all the latest for you I had. It's four 56. Count on Lowe's for Labor Day savings. Get a maytag tabloid washer for just 5 68 and a top load dryer only 5 48. That's a savings of $462

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