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With your products and your services and I'm just I love working with them because they're willing to do the work to take care of themselves because they're aware of the big picture. And what's what's important for them in terms are like long-term goals. So Christy. I know you have created something very special for everyone listening today. What is image? Yes, it's an ebook. It's three mistakes that keep you exhausted and how to overcome them. How can somebody get that? You just go and sign up on my website. You can like coaching. Com. So that's Mackenzie, you know, if I could Christy I'd like to ask you just a few questions about your experience taking the live business accelerator formula now folks, we have another one coming up and I teach these live personally, I'd love doing it. I love creating a group and then taking people through an experience like this. What did you enjoy most about being part of the business accelerator group home? I think what I appreciated most is that I was in a space where you know, you were you were guiding me in coaching and then the others were participating and we were all engaging in a group process on lifting each other up. It was also I felt comfortable enough to be very vulnerable about some things that I feel that I think in any other space wouldn't have been possible and I just really kind of appreciated seeing everyone where they were at their own levels and just adding my own ideas about like, oh that's a possibility for me or if someone was maybe where I had been bringing my own business I was able to offer my support for them. Like I've been where you've been it's totally fine. You have all this, you know confirmation that of what's possible and I just really appreciated that atmosphere. So it sounds like it was a very safe space for you. Yes very much. So so when you think about what was the biggest change you got out of taking the business accelerator, what was that? I think realizing that I didn't have to do everything all at once realizing that it was okay to ask for help with things that I was not good at home in that kind of spoke to some deeper things that you know you and I touched on and like our one-on-one sessions. It was a lot of just Revelation that I still continue to have and I just I appreciate that so much. So did you also get some private coaching with me? That's an option as part of the business accelerator. What was that? Like for you Christie, they were they were life-changing, you know each time. We'd have a choice. I mean I would have you you would you would patiently sit with me while I was kind of having some breakdowns. But then by the end of the session even though what I knew I needed to do was going to be hard for me just because it was wage meaning that would have to be outside my comfort zone. I still got them done. I still have like my breakdown moment. But again, I was in a safe space to allow that to happen. So I don't there's a lot of things I would change..

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