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News on the level on the go Shut down in Indian 31 Cloney on Madison Gil here. What's trending at 12 03 still no credible threats, But the state government complex in downtown Indianapolis will be closed through Wednesday. I'm staying leader. The complex would have closed Monday anyway for Martin Luther King Jr Day. But now the shutdown extends to Tuesday and Wednesday, the day of President elect Joe Biden's inauguration. In light of recent events, threats to other state capitals and covered 19 restrictions. Governor Holcomb says the decision was made to air on the side of caution. Stand Lear 93. W I. B C Mobile news. A man is dead and one of his relatives has been arrested after a shooting in Lawrence Shyla Kabbalah reports. Lawrence Police were called Friday at around 4 P.m. to a home on high grass drive for a man shot when they got there. The man was taken to the hospital, where he later died. Police believe the shooting began as a family dispute. One of the victim's relatives was arrested Friday night on a preliminary charge of murder. Lawrence police are still looking into what happened. Shailu Kabbalah 93 w E B C Mobile news An APP called Crime Door is a new tool that people are hoping will help solve the murders of Libby, German and Abby Williams. In Delphi. Thousands of people have seen the clip of the murder suspect walking on the bridge near where the girls were killed, and now the founders of crime door have made it possible for user's to spend time walking through the scene. You're an augmented reality feature..

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