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Song is just super hot that there's something about this oh good hey come to the studio that day so he could meet roy hamilton was a big singer at the time roy had been an idol of his and they had been working on a new album there spent a couple of hours watching hamilton and then recorded a number of his own gospel inflected numbers and it ended with presley singing this song this way this is the song that he sang at the end of that session so that's part of what you're going to see i will watch this three hour two part film premieres on the fourteenth of april at eight on hbo concentrating on his artistry touching on how music to find his life seeing country and blues songs and the final recordings as well that he made the jungle ruin before he's dead elvis the searcher and that's the original soundtrack we'll come out today be available as both a standard eighteen track single disc soundtrack at three cd box set as well vinyl releases eighteen songs the triple disc addition as thirty seven recordings comprising more elvis cuts along with pearl jam guitarist mike mccready score for the film tom petty and the heartbreakers cover wooden heart and some of the in country that inspired presley as so at something to take in two thousand nine after the hour up spider speech flow here with a word that's just weird terry cloth who is terry and why does he get his own fabric did he journey below spn fifty fight awesome we than his daffodils.

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