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Show game was closer to soccer then to american football as we know it today this rugby soccer hybrid of american football grew up over the next decade or so and the carlyle indian school football team which was founded an eighteen 93 played a big role in the evolution of that sport on average the carlyle football players were much smaller than the players on the teams that they played against and they came up with a ton of strategic tricks to get around this disadvantage if there wasn't a specific rule against it they would try it there are still american football rules today that came about as the inter collegiate football rules committee outlawed carlisle strategies inbetween seasons i'm just going to continue with this digression for a moment to say that i i do not care about football as a sport there are a lot of you know social and economic and medical and political issues around football that i care a lot about but like it's i it would take a lot to make me sit down and watch a football game all the way through uh even so this whole story of the carlyle indian school football team is fascinating and i wanted to an episode about it one day jim thorpe whose name in the fox language translated too bright path was the first native americans win a gold medal at the olympics for united states he was one of the players and their strategies and the the ways that he he uh bit every rule if it wasn't specifically outlawed their coach pop warriner would would try it so what that the whole story is just fascinating and bazaar and have stuff in it like the karlau team sewing these leather football shaped patches on their uniforms to trick harvard into thinking they all have the ball an at harvard.

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