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But not trial, but there is a culture here when you give people a fair chance. And I think people felt there was an onslaught against this guy, and they reacted defensively understandably, and I look when you do talk about white men in general. I'm not saying white men don't have a lot to answer. I'm saying when you generalize that way, you telling every white man the country don't want their vote. You're telling everyone of them. You make. I know I don't think it's about that. I think it's more about high school everyone can relate to. I was an idiot in high school when I was remember when I was in grade school all school, they had this thing they used to, maybe they don't do this anymore, but it was a big threat from a teacher. This is the days when parents cited, but teachers is supposed to now when they side with their brats. But. They would say, this is going to go on your permanent record. My permanent record that was that was drinking Boone's farm in the parking lot. I wasn't never accused of sexual assault is a high school. That's the issue here. Have you telling me the best guy Republicans can nominate was cavenaugh, has it. I got a bigger problem. If that's the issue steep said, be so good. They can't ignore you. We failed that. Yes, I hate bread. Kavanagh too. Okay. Okay. Let's get to the more nuance level of it. Which vulnerable right old, very vulnerable in this all privacy's vulnerable online. The next generation that's coming up is going to be extremely vulnerable. Any politician doesn't have a dick pic flooding out there is going to be very honorable. And when we when we out this when we out people's private lives since way, we make them very vulnerable. And I think people respond to that in the right way. I don't wanna live in a culture where liberals used to say, we don't want you looking in your bedroom, and now they say, we want to know exactly what you did in your bedroom when and where. And that's not culture. I wanna live. Q.'s come first of all food and six years ago as a teenager, yes. And you should have said, you know what? I drank a lot in high school everybody and you knew remembers Aligarh. But again, the situation if we're going to get back to that, and I guess we, I guess there's no avoiding it. Okay. It is five minutes in room. We don't know what happened. Exactly. It could have on one end of it. It could have been completely premeditated. He and his evil friend Mark judge could have said, we're going to rape this girl tonight, and this is how we're going to do. We're going to get blind drunk and we're going to blah, blah blah. Or it could have been to asshole. Seventeen-year-old morons who got blind drunk, and we're that scare this Google and they jumped on her. I mean, it is a little weird that the third God, the second guy, the third person jumps on the pile. I wanna know why. Why did he jump on the pile? Was it to stop it? Was it to join it? I mean, it's a weird and then they'll wind up on the floor. This at least allows the possibility that this was an intended rape, which is. Which is why you have an investigation. That's good. No one arguing with that. I'll give it. Position, whether he was involved in gang rapes, that kind of stuff went then became absolutely open court for anybody to make any accusations. What. It didn't. None of that happened number of senators. That's ridiculous. We're never going to know the answer to this, but we should expect more of our political leaders than we expect to the principles of our highs. Yeah. We're never going to be on the phone, but why has the Republican party thrust this upon us? And and you can say, Democrats played all the antics in the world, and and I will give you that. But the higher honor would have been to withdraw Brett cavenaugh and put another Justice in without this. And the answer to. In two thousand nine wrote that the president can not be indicted or investigates moss. I write a one of the nomination, wouldn't it be great if we were able to decide these issues on those relevant issues, Robin, the having this really awful thing, which no one actually one and we the country tore it's even further report..

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