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For Zach Alarm bows on the third D pairing. Other than that, they're going to be virtually the same. They will start with Elijah Bary Gah. Junior out of West Covina, California centering their top line on either side. Two guys that score goals yesterday, Luca made over on the left side, the junior out of Slovenia and on the right side. The empty net goal score yesterday, cursed. Oh Darrow, a senior from West Chicago, Illinois, Nico Somerville, freshman out of British Columbia and Brennan cap, check the captain, a senior out of Mount Prospect Illinois. Will be the top deep pairing. Stefano Deronta, the redshirt junior out of Brampton, Ontario, will get to start again today. Four Air Force They will start basically the same, except Nate Horn and Blake Bride will switch spots. Blake Bride yesterday was the first line center today Nate Horn. The freshman out of Elk River, Minnesota will center the top line bride moves out to the right side. He is a sophomore out of Broomfield on the left side. Willie Rhyme the 6 Ft. 3 £215 sophomore out of North Oaks, Minnesota. Brandon Cook and Zach Maraj is sophomore and seniors respectively, will be the top D pairing and in that once again, Alex Shilling, the junior netminder Adama Dina, Minnesota one lineup, no tow watch moving afford today and I'll give full credit. The day of Toller who gave this to me, Billy do my is going to do my excuse me is going to be the extra skater. Today. He is a junior out of was ADA, Minnesota. He was In the video manager for the last two years, and he's a junior dressing for his first career game. So congratulations to Billy Duma. You know, running the video. He's got a good grasp on the game of hockey watching it through that lens and ah, really cool moment for him to get the start. Or to be in the to be dressed today, I should say for the Air Force Falcons. That's a look at your starting line ups. When we come back, we will drop the puck in Springfield Air Force and a. I see Next on the Air Force Sports Network from Lear Field, I MG college presented by us Ah J. C..

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