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A hundred and sixty two that's it they play eighty two games than hockey lot all right but people in watch last and although he cares about the rest of the no way actually shift short nazis and ten games ever get into hockey a little bit it's i mean especially you hours i would think you would like it you know because there's so much such to of those action this there is never a dull moment never stops at this bora i've watched it before it state you'd rather watch four hours of look a guy standing on the mound waiting to throw the ball instead of up and down action just going back and forth in two and a half hours i would absolutely watch uh the art of baseball all rather than the trash in this of the city for four hours nuts playing golf euplo hunger and forty six now we're as games i think he's just something that you ever leg forty games manner in baseball yeah that's true if that as opposed to what i know you're number one seed getting our ss kicked so shut up i have been playing real sloppy slobby lillehammer and they do of a death in the family you know that their interests warming over for nothing offense i feel bad for that guy i get it but i orissa team don't caroline aggregate do oh that's when the cameras are around the they're all grieving formal little bits you changed my mind yesterday that that guy went out and cried in front of the cameras i the now assume certain i think this is all theatrical i do think he kind of went on credit front of the cameras i do think that was kind of on purpose and if you needed a good cry because of a horrible thing for you to say john wall it's true no you don't know what to be true he was good and then it just got to him now because he went out when nobody was there he went out to have a moment which is fine it's a totally find the do that but if you really want the moment and keep it behind closed doors on the cover sports illustrated next may i talk about guarantee you probably well espn the.

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