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Regarding Shogren syndrome Any anything they scribe for that especially since I'm on Tamaki from for breast. Cancer that, could actually make things worse, you know as our caller said previously this is to maximum. To hormone blocker and things that block hormones tend to dry you out and syndrome is a dry and dry. Mouth and, Frank outdraw, mucous membrane condition so yeah, I mean in addition to aging menopause, you, got kind of a triple. Whammy. Hey you're from Minnesota Scandinavian background there German heritage okay well you know it's kinda close. You know, show grin, it's really spelled in weird, ways s j with the o- with, a, little of whom loud over. It And it's Spilled the Swedish way because the show grin was a guy in Sweden who first discovered it often occurs in Caucasians from northern Europe and Minnesota's a place where a lot of folks from Norway and Sweden migrated to back, in a, I guess was the. Nineteenth, century okay so things. That, help well it's an auto, immune condition and I often recommend a paleo diet in relation to, autoimmune conditions, like lupus. Rheumatoid arthritis I think that. Works well we've done several interviews, unintelligent medicine With folks who propose a paleo diet approach to auto immunity Amy Myers among them she's written a book about auto immunity and a couple of other interviews about the paleo diet, for auto, immunity that means a. Void, of grains voidance of. Dairy, of widens of even legumes, and pretty much subsisting the way our pelia Luth again sisters did, before the, introduction of. Modern food lots of fruits. And vegetables their permitted that's fine Perhaps eliminating the Nightshade vegetables, which can cause problems for, some people. Joint problems I also recommend that we take a look. At the gastrointestinal, tract because the microbiome maybe determinant whether you get autumn unity and, in particular when you have leaky gut syndrome or gaps in your, intestinal barrier Toxins and food allergens can penetrate into your tissues that should be kept out find intact gut. Barrier so, leaky gut syndrome we would. Treat that with probiotics we would treat..

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