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A johann oviedo done quietly did a really nice job at spring but didn't get a lot of one o'clock aim action did a lot of games and that kind of thing but he sort of defacto six starter right now. So he's the guy you want to have one ready if they have a rotation opening now. There's a couple of surprises in my mind. An alternate camp when you look at Top left handed pitching prospects. Matthew liberator in zack thompson. Both of those guys made the alternate camp roster and that says to me that the cardinals are so impressed with what they did this spring that they are viable potential additions to the major league roster. Not right away but probably at some point this season now the other thing is that the core of this alternate camp roster will go to memphis. They'll be the memphis team to open the season in may so the coaches and the manager of of the alternate camp arthur memphis staff manager ben johnson brandon allen hitting coach pitching coach near roscoe etc. So this alternate camp Really are for one month sort of the next line of reserves. But then they'll be the guys to to start the season with some other additions to start the season for memphis chirp. And how about minor. League spring training brian. How does how does that all going to play out. Well minorly camp We'll begin in around the the the beginning of the second week in april in april Pitchers and catchers report first. Then the the position players report four days later the whole plan all along was that they wanted to wait. Until the major leaguers and the alternate camp players departed from jupiter. So they could do all the cleaning all the preparation and they'll have roughly a hundred players and camp they'll be spread out among three clubhouses three rosters. And they'll scrimmage against themselves and that's the interesting factor again when you look at the roster changes that occur because a couple of players that you thought have been alternate camp. The cardinals have decided instead to leave behind. For in this minorly camp and i'm talking specifically about catcher yvonne. Harare who's on the forty man roster the only forty man roster player. who's not in the alternate camp and infielder nolan government. And i think by them being in the alternate being. Excuse me being in minor league camp staying behind in florida rather than going through the alternate camp. That's a signal that the cardinals want them to get more structured work because with one hundred players in minor league camp. They're going to have games. They're going to have structured competition. Maybe play the marlins are some of the other teams in that area. And so you know what we know nolan garment not only needs. It adds but he needs work. At second base is new position. He's only wet for six weeks into the position. so you know by staying in minorly camp. Nolan gorman could get more reps at second base and get ready to potentially contribute in the second half or certainly in twenty twenty two. So there's this kind of this hierarchy by the decisions that the cardinals made which tell us where they think certain players are liberty and thompson seemed to be you know more on the fast path to reach the majors and guys career gorman While they still did fine you know probably need a little more work and so they're going to stay behind in florida. Yeah you just lead me into my next question which was about nolan gorman. And harare dc them starting at aa by the way that this hierarchy works probably. Yes dan you know looking at the catcher position. tyler heinemann..

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