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There is no Hey, political correctness. There are no safe zones for the snowflakes. And there are no safe zones for the snowflakes, folks a little bit of trouble today with my Voice and we're going to take care of that. As we go on with the program. I am so glad you could join us and we have a lot to go through today. Much of which Has been covered today. Has been covered today. My other host. But I think they've missed the point. I think they'd missed the point. Entirely. And I think that we've finally come to the 0.22 days out. Great two days out. From the election. I think we finally come to the point. Where It's time. To make A decision. It's time. That we all sit down. And make a decision. I'm gonna ask you to help me with that decision tonight, and I hope you find it to be I guess. An enjoyable journey. To this decision. Because we've got to get it done. This is this is The end. A long story. This is the end. Of a trip that we have been on is a matter of fact, I can't believe That we have taken this long to get to this. Point in our trip. But we have managed to do it together. Without falling apart completely. At least that's my view. I don't think we have Falling apart completely. I think we're here. Because we wanted to be here. And I think we're here. Because we need To be here. We've got 56% of Americans. Who say they are better off now. And under Trump. That flat out isn't true. We have The other. Percentage of people. Who think that we're not Basically what I'm saying is Weak. Don't have A clue. Where we are. Because They Don't have a clue where they are. And we are totally Totally In possession or in a position. Where we are. Totally In a position where we are We're in control. That's what I see. What do you see? A telephone number. 893 93 85. It's 809 to 3 w. D. T K. We are in a position right now. Opposition like we have never been in before. Not in my life, Not in your life. At least I don't think we have In your life. I know. We haven't in my life. Our president right now. Is presiding. Over. Over this Conglomeration. Of Of people. Home. They're checking things off on a list. They're checking things off the list. That years ago. At years ago. There would not have been This kind of reaction. Where one week it's 56% of Americans say this 56% of Americans say that And it goes on and it goes on, and it goes on. And here we sit on Monday, the 22nd. Frankly, I don't think The average American Really knows. Where it is. We stand. And I want you. Tonight to tell me Where it is. You say? That we stand. The presidential checklist. Right now. Where does it say? That you stand When they call you When they say, What is it? You think Mr Voter. Mrs. Order, Miss Voter. Where is it? And the fact of the matter is I don't think The average voter. Nose. Exactly. Where they do, Stan. Um I want you to comment on this. 809 23 93 85. That's 893. 93 85. Amy Conan Barrett. Where As the United States stand. On the election confirmation whether you want to call it Of Amy Colin Barrett. To the Supreme Court. Where is it? That we stand today. It's gonna happen. Where do we stand? Do you know? Let's settle this one first. Let's make this one the first when we settled Tonight. Here on the Patriots. 893 united 3 85. That's 809 to 3. 93 85 Let's go to Gary. Oh, it's Garrett on the Patriot. On On the hatred. He did. Well. Not to his loss. 893 93 85. That's 809 to 3. W D ck. I really want to hear from you on Amy Conan Barrett. I want you to Let us know this is the first big e that were involved in tonight. Let's get it handled and move on. That's any Amy Conan Barrett. For Supreme Court. Let's get that one handled. Where do you stand on that? And why? 893 93 85. Give it to us..

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