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Reggie miller where were those roadblocks in a lebron james error where was the tim duncan being run into before the finals where was the kobe and shaq being run into before the finals these are legitimate questions when we talk about comparisons to the goat lebron james lost the white howard's orlando magic devoid of any other star on the team mckell patriots and he turkoglu and guys like that well on the squad what are we talking about here let's make sure we pump breaks before being so quick to just throw out those comparisons can we because i think it's necessary lebron james has looked phenomenal the bronx is greatest player in the world today without question you could make a debate is lebron kareem abduljabbar two different positions but kareem abduljabbar is a nineteen time star he is all tom leading score in nba history he also has the loan unstoppable move in the history of the sport which is the scott hook something you knew was coming and you absolutely positively nothing about year after year after year over the course of arguably the most lustrous basketball career we've ever known kareem abduljabbar one in highschool kareem abdul jabbar one in college kareem abduljabbar was a six time champion in the pros would the numbers to back it up and the loan unstoppable move do you understand what i'm saying to you later gentlemen pick any sport that you want to what matter what sport it is tell me one being that had an unstoppable move on and stoppable shot on stoppable ability and it was like you knew it was coming in there was absolutely positively nothing you can do about that one thing in the history of the sport of basketball created by the great james naismith there is one move that is deemed up that has been deemed unstoppable spanning decades and it is the skylark.

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