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But I'm not the guy that will drink amid julep dress up in pinstripes, and where some crazy hat. If you got invited down a low of what he saw Tom Brady with his six j. Didn't look very good on him. I want you to know that you know, when you have six championships, a supermodel wife hundred fifty million in the Bank where everything looks good on you, baby. We'll get more into the rockets Golden State game. And I want to get more than the kyri. Plus there's a couple of other series going on in the NBA first. Let's check it with the secrecy with trending out there. What's going on to Sager? Good evening, gentlemen. Give you the weekend off this. We gotta get on. My goodness. You don't have the power to do that the other. So thank you very much about that. I picked the winner. And he got this time. Actually, I have seen a couple of people who did pick the winner. They had the sixty five to one just and what do, you know, it came about somebody a website tweeted tonight? So a championship winner in Kentucky had his victory overturn. But enough about Rick potato. The newspaper in Louisville, by the way, the courier journal. Put it best tonight. It said the stewards who made this ruling after video review did their duty and did horse racing a service because this is a sport that had been under siege. Quote after the rash of racetrack face L fatalities. And this book. What is what is the deaths of ORs awards because this rule is on the books for cutting people offing causing mass casualties, so to speak a big collision, which is what it would've been maximum securities movements. Did not at all impact the second place the winter. It's like that's like saying all the police force get out there and write everybody. Jaywalking. Tickets the law the law come on. Now, come on it. Did it did not affect was a country house that was sixty five to one, but it did affect the two others that were cut off one who had no momentum after that loss four or five lengths immediately. So the derby goes to country house after the disqualification of the first place finisher first time, the Derby's first place or is not the winter de queued Natta the NBA playoff game that went overtime at Houston. Tonight. Warriors lead the second round series two games to one now because the rockets beat Golden State won twenty six one Twenty-one James harden, forty-one points. Erik Gordon scored thirty PJ. Tucker with twelve rebounds. Kevin Durant with forty six points in the loss. And Steph curry missed a dunk with twenty seconds left in overtime and then down by five Golden State didn't file for the last twenty seconds. Well, they were so demoralized up the Steph curry couldn't make it slam duck. I made that we not just here last Saturday night show with the way the Spurs ended their season, that's look up. Well, we're losing let the last twenty seconds go that was even worse with the Spurs because that was their last game for crying out loud in the NHL playoffs. Couple of series started the night tied at two games apiece. But Boston scored late to win. It's game five four three over Columbus. And currently it's still scoreless late in the second period avalanche at sharks as for NASCAR. Tomorrow's four hundred at Dover will be on f s one two PM eastern time. Chase Elliott will start from the pole and two major league baseball. Just a couple of games still going Manny Machado with two home runs against the dodgers tonight. But max Muncie of L A's hit a three row. Shot for the lead. And now, it's dodgers. Six padres. Five padres. Do have bases loaded in the bottom of the sixth inning, though. And the Mets are in the bottom of the fifteenth. Wow. Still playing at Milwaukee tied to two cubs. Earlier one they're six zero six five comeback against Saint Louis back to the show in ten seconds. But I heard from former at farmers.

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