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Are you when you ask for the best welcome to the best of the week Saturday it doesn't get any better than this Jason and Alexis did they represent all of us at our best next week Saturday on my top one a seven one again it should be illegal to interrupt lives but I have to because we have to hear the rest of the story Jason and Alexis in the morning coming up on seven forty eight brother rob filling in for don brother rob part of my talk history was here at the very beginning we are FM one of seven and he worked on this very time slot on this broadcast when Ian Ian Punnett hosted it and brother rob was telling us how his relationship and his engagement and then possible wedding became a mai tai or an FM one of seven event right and station promotion yeah two days before I decide to go through yes so you said you okay so continue we left off a and please continue okay so we decided not to go through with the wedding two days before mutually agreed upon looks like we're going to just go back to our original plan to elope and as I mentioned things kind of unravelled after that you know we we have had very very public you know in gauge meant yeah I was still working here in a but we weren't really talking about it on the air very much and certainly should I wear the same running club and she I'm among other things I found a very inspiring as a person yeah and yeah she inspired me to train for my first marathon and so that's something that was happening right around that time and she yeah I think we both needed to some part time you know to process and so she asked me to not be in the club anymore and so I'm training now on my own so I lose that support group but she needed she knew that yeah and so when after she asked me for distance and communication of course I'm going to respect that which yeah but I had just I could wrap my head around that I've never been in that situation before where you're this close to somebody you know your friend your lover your prospective future bride and then do you you know yeah you're somebody that.

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