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Do you believe gay sex is a perverse i i'm going to give you the same answer i just gave you previously my my respect for every individual regardless of the sexual orientation is the same have you seen brokeback mountain did you cry did you make a weird face when he leisure and jake jilin hall were going at it mr presumptive secretary did you like moonlight where little turned on during that beach scene because if not i'm not sure you can be secretary of state did you watch call me by your name in slow motion did you did you see the scene with the peach what did you think of it like what the world what in the world like this dignity happening now no matter how crazy you'd think the republicans are everybody i'm talking to republicans no matter how crazy you think republicans are folks this is like beyond okay it's it's supremely crazy so i got into a bit about this with a friend of mine named jane causton over at vox so what's honey about this the jane originally if you'll recall a few months back a pretty pretty nasty piece about me for the new york times but being genial sort of fellow i reached out now we're pretty friendly jane is a lesbian and she was very much in favor of this line of questioning and so i was wondering what in the world is like why does it matter what exactly mike pompeo thinks of gay sex like does he have watch gay porn in order to be in for like show us how much you like a sex mr mr view want me to vote for your confirmation you are going to have to show me how much you enjoy subscribing to play girl right now show me your subscription sir sir.

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