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And I am speaking with John Zarrella and crane Cordoba about the Notre Dame work does and post Noce after party at the museum of international folk art, we were talking when just before the break about John's costume, you should go just to see that. Because it's going and tastic, and then we create tell us just kind of give us a little. Review again of the centerpieces what's going on with the center. So we've we've we've got the, you know, forty paper mcshea all the same and we gave them to forty artists in the area. And of course, this this town is so fruitful. I mean, my gosh, every there's a million artists here, we feel that in the future. This will be the thing artists will will actually pay us to get their skull in the contest, right? It's already taken off. And it's like big fly. Yeah. Big time. You both are great such great people have on this show because of our creative culture. And we have we have we are lucky in Santa Fe to have like you all over. And that's part of what our town is all about John owned canyon road flowers per forty. Did you thirty thirty. I was okay. And then Korean your jeweler, tell us about your jewelry. Well, I I make charm necklaces. So I find objects that I can put silver around with my little hook. And then I let you pick the charms you want to tell the story of who you are. Right. So they're sorta storytelling make bracelets and earrings, and and I've made a day of the dead skull necklace that will be up for auction. And it is an I'm I'm kind of sound like I'm bragging, but I'm not is fabulous. It is. It is fabulous. And we're going to I'm to put the necklace on because that'll die. You know? So beautiful. It has all different sizes. Mean your jewelry? If you go to your website, which is pouring quarterback dot com and see the jewelry there, these beautiful chunky charm..

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