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Governor Rick Scott will be Senator Scott in January incumbent Democrat Bill Nelson has conceded. The Senate race following the state's ballot recount the results we saw on election night, while the numbers did change dramatically. There's never really any real hope that there were enough votes out there for Bill Nelson to overcome. Rick Scott's margin of victory even through to exhaustive recounts of the eight and a half million votes that were cast here in Florida. After that machine. Recount the margin was about twelve thousand votes, then after the hand recount it went down to ten thousand volts correspondent Ryan nobles democrat Andrew gillum conceded. The governor's race to Republican Ron to Santa's on Saturday in Georgia Republican Brian Kemp won the governor's race. However, his challenger Democrats. Stacey Abrams refuses to concede. She told CNN state of the union that while camp was the legal Victor. She wouldn't call him the legitimate winner. Abram says there was deliberate interference in the election. She accused Republicans of seeking to suppress the minority vote. Perfect example is the ninety two year old civil rights activist who's lived in the West End of Atlanta for more than forty years has voted in every single election since nineteen sixty eight in that neighborhood, and she was removed from the poll wildfires continue to burn and California in Chico. Correspondent Paul vercammen. Reports of Ponderosa elementary school bus have a harrowing escape from the campfire not every single set of parents could pick up their children. So twenty two children two teachers and a bus driver got on a bus took a trek through raging flames all around them smoke as well. Let's listen to some of their accounts. It was so crazy. And there were like fires left and right everywhere. You look there was smoke everywhere. And people trying to get out the statewide death toll from the fires is seventy nine. I'm Evan Haning. Wherever.

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