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On the Seahawks James Winston with a pair of touchdown passes on the road the raiders leave the lions seventeen fourteen six minutes ago third quarter Josh Jacobs already over a hundred yards rushing and a touchdown now the final score is the bills were looking to bounce back after a blowout loss to the eagles last week hosting the Redskins QB Josh Allen got off to a fast start second goal from the six play action fake jazz challenge to the end hello three three touchdowns in three straight games for him and the bill strike first with a six yard pass from John John Murphy bills radio network on the call Allen also ran for a score the bills and prove to six into well last thing the skins twenty four nine Wayne Haskins for Washington gets the start going fifteen of twenty two four hundred forty four yards no touchdowns no picks in Kansas city Harrison Bakir booted through a fifty four yard field goal to tie up the Vikings and converted a forty four yard or as time expired minus half my homes the chiefs get past Minnesota twenty six twenty three Matt Moore throwing for two hundred seventy five yards Damian Williams under twenty five yards rushing Bakir came through but old reliable Adam but it Terry did not for the colts military missing from forty three yards out on a potential game winner with a minute to play the Steelers survive at home twenty six twenty four over the coals trickle burset leaving in the first half of an apparent sprained knee MCL related according to coach Frank Reich Brian Hoyer played well in relief throwing for three scores the eagles what's the delay bears push filly winning twenty two fourteen Carson Wentz two hundred thirty nine yards passing a score Philly gets over five hundred there now five and four coach Doug Peterson on how he feels worse team is that we just write a one time.

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