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She gets taxed border patrol is dropping off more migrants tonight, thirty five coming from border patrol at six thirty. We we'll send them out immediately. She rushes to arrange a pickup because if not migrants won't have a place to sleep that night. We're keeping them from being dropped at the bus stop right on the interstate. But Adams also worries that efforts here might max out. I don't know how sustainable, it will be volunteer was, we do have the medical reserve corps and they've been wonderful. But again, my dream is that we would have teams teams it would come in and stay awake or two because she doesn't see this situation, the number of people migrating north families ending anytime soon. We're not talking about two or three months. I'm looking at probably two or three years for the world Monica Campbell. Las Cruces, New Mexico. Tomorrow on the World Health story that starts here in the US and takes us halfway around the globe, it begins with the tens of thousands of computers that Americans throw out each day. Many of those devices are recycled not here in the US, but in scrap yards in southeast Asia. The recycling at places like this. It looks more like medieval alchemy people are hunched over vats of hot metallic sludge bathing in black smoke. That's all reporter Patrick win in Thailand. He takes us to one of those factories to learn about the health effects tomorrow, here on the world. Also on the show, what happens to the plastic bottles, and packaging, we put out on the street to be recycled. It's cheaper, for example, to send those shipments from the US countries like Indonesia, Malaysia for so-called recycling rather than send them to a landfill in the US on the global trail of America's plastic and e waste. That's on the show tomorrow. You're listening to the world. I'm Marco werman in Antarctica, scientists are visualizing the sea floor like never before it changes the of the massive, no one has ever seen that candidate Doug before. And I've been blind on my life. And now I've put on glasses what that tells us about climate change still ahead here on the world. I'm Marco werman, and this is the world. We're a co production of the BBC World Service, PRI and WG be h here in Boston. Gathering sound underwater will always yield interesting results as the world's Caroline Baylor can attest that.

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