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We'll tell you for intrigued. On Fox Sports, Florida, Marlins and Braves. Yes. I have not seen a single Marlins game all season long. Even though I live here in Miami, but here's why I will at least begin to watch this. Ronald kunia juniors a twenty year old rookie who's having a phenomenal season has nine twenty two right now. He said home runs in five straight games. The last three however, have been leadoff home runs. So I. I it back just to what's leadoff run happened or not having and then I can change the channel. But outside of that, this has been great. Five straight games. The home runs twenty years old. Youngest player ever to do that. Two of them last night, sort of a one Soto out in Washington is taking some attention away from this guy, but those are two pretty darned impressive, rookie Frank. Are you intrigued? Oh, absolutely. What were the brace waiting for? They finally moved into the leadoff spot after the all star break. He's batting three fifty eight with twelve home runs from a leadoff spot. This is going to be the rookie of the year draped say, see, very, and he those two homers last night. I guess they Marlins wow. Those cow anybody, two or three against those stats. AAA. Fox Sports, Ohio Indians in Ritz, not so much, but I do like watching Billy Hamilton run around either ridiculous. What did you do after this? Cat Zona Colosio still a young guy that filtered by Lee door. The one flooring across the street. He caught the ball hung on the wall. I'm gonna gave away souvenir. I'm gonna. I'm gonna review that. If I'm the manager Terry Francona that should be a home run home runner fan, interference, either way. Somebody should be Frank. You treat, of course, I like Italy play. If I'm Terry Francona. Why not challenge the play? Make the game even wall or why not? Oh, CC ever. Intrigue police. Listen. If that were to happen in the mound Lee, you know he won't be able to give people twenty anybody center. Nobody watching the game in a long way to get it to Derek is going to call you next. These phone call. In Georgia fell CNN's can't. Unless there's a beef between Cam Newton and Kelvin, Benjamin, I'm not really interested in many camps, but here's Muhammed sununu that ice moment with his son. Yeah. Okay. I'll take it off. Good hair on that kid. I turn over. Hey. Jay stern. Good share. That he's turned okay. Day turn. This is amazing. I could watch this on a loop all day long days turn finish your death. This could be an advertising for Gatorade commercial. Drink it all. There you go. The job. Should get that young new on the staff. That the garbage can. Thought in a garden. Not the fastest of this news, but it's very good can be a trainer actually. All you gotta do give people water franker your dream home all in on the c. you could have NFL practices. It'd be no fighting nice moments like this. How about you? Papi are you injury? I'm always intriguing that really union breach brings me all members not used to the same thing with them can be bottle. Don't time. He gave everything. Three. Sunday on e. very Cavalieri I'm kind of intrigued, but not really. I feel like I've already learned the most interesting part about Jay Cutler is that he reads g. q. magazine, and if you don't know the details about that, look it up. I'm really excited because chickens being fresh eggs. So that is the best thing in the world. We should. Get one get in their day. It's no. Here I'll go on the other side man. Owns you. Who is this is. Career, but like now. Oh my gosh. To recap. Kristen, cavalier, Jay Cutler's wife thinks fresh eggs are the greatest thing in the world franker you intrigued? No, I'm not not exactly. Conjure up memories of rocky running around catching the chicken, not for you. Does for me, you intrigue? Oh, CC very intrigued. But you know what was in them of that chicken, them of that was char Buckley. That's the, we'll have to thank you for watching your off until August twenty seven, which means this man gets to take a breather. We're going on vacation together. Every time. I thought he was crying.

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