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Many major American cities, especially in the warmer climates, like Los Angeles or Houston or San Francisco, especially in democratic areas. What's happening is despicable? There's up to seventy five thousand homeless living right now on the streets in Los Angeles. Join me now from LA is the honorable Jesse Lee Peterson founder of von which is brotherhood organization for new destiny he's been out there about thirty years or so groping Alabama is a great American Jesse Lee Peterson welcome again to the Bill Cunningham show. Jesse lee. How are you all this will build thank you for having me on again? And I just have to let folks know how grateful I am for you over the last thirty twenty nine years now you've been really fateful in helping us to get out. So. Thank you for that. And also, we have you prayer knew about the a bound surgery that you had to have and. It's time for you to die yet. I'm told I got fifteen more years with my new cow has been there about thirty days. And and I told Dr dean Cariocas here at the Christ hospital in Cincinnati that if you wanna give me fifteen more years, then I'd settle the case right now for thirty years. I'd settle say. That's it. God, I'm ready to go that right? And if you need some extra cowbells, I Alabama good. Jesse Lee you send me an and I love RIC getting the YouTube videos for those the most who live in somewhat colder climates, we don't have the same difficulties as California. There was a union number one of liberal progressive, politics and number two the weather makes it possible for individuals live on the city streets really year round. You can't live on the city streets in Milwaukee, Chicago, Cleveland Cincinnati. But if it's California can you talk about your YouTube videos about the homeless are wonderful. But what was it like thirty forty years ago in Los Angeles as far as the quality of life. What was it like, then what's it like now when I moved to LA from Alabama Mattel back in nineteen eight September nine hundred ninety eight I believe I thought California was paradise Bill when I want dog, it was clean and beautiful and opportunities everywhere and bright, and it was just absolutely paradise. And at that time, I don't remember seeing the homeless people everywhere. Which just absolutely amazing. And I thought I'll be here for the rest of my life. But if you look at it right now, it has become a hell hole deal. They have homeless people everywhere. NET will Ed you mentioned the limit on the street nyc Ed day, and it is the cost of weather so good, you know, most of the time you can live on the street, and they have tents all up and down the street. You have all these illegal aliens who have come in here and the on attorney California into the image of Mexico, El Salvador, Honduras. Revenue coming from the stuff on the street. The other day to marry up to MIR on a governor declared that it's okay illegal to sell food or someone street. You know, they can do it. Now American people to citizens. They can't do it. The people using a bathroom undecided. Walt and not just number one. But number two, and then embarrassment pull their pants down men and women and toilet. So you have on the stays on streets where they have like animals just took a dump on street and then. Alcoholics drug addicts. And it's a real MAC Bill matter of fact, I thought notice the other day out there that are going to have a a day when he going to clean up some industries LA, it you in an area you have to shut down your business day or something. Which is why why local prosecutors that the police tell me from Los Angeles. They're told not to enforce the law. It is illegal to camp out on city sidewalks and city streets. It is against the law. Why can't LAPD enforce the law because illegal aliens up protected by the Democrats in in the city and state and Democrats control the local government here completely controlled by Democrats your American citizen, and you'll caught taking a number two on wall you'll go to jail or pay a fun of both? But if you illegal alien you allowed to do everything at no cost you don't have to pay for it. Crescent going to put a vote. That's why they allowed us to happen. But since you're saying any illegal alien male can simply whip it out and do number one or two on the city streets. But if you're a citizen, you can't do it. If you're a citizen, you're in deep trouble is that what you're saying. I wanted to process at not just an illegal alien men, but the women the children are doing to is not uncommon to walk down the road. I'd be driving down the road and see a woman taking a dump on stop wall all the children, and they just move right along because they don't have to worry about cleaning it up. Is it your business? On your house where you live. You have to clean it up because they don't hang around to clean it up at all. And they know that there are no consequences in on doing what they do often. Check your by the Democratic Party around here. Which is the is there a sense of normal Californians liked yourself and others who function who pay taxes who work who aren't drug. Addicts aren't alcoholics are mentally ill. Is there? A sense. There has to be a change. And this is happening in San Francisco. Denver Colorado, supposedly is going to act some ordinance than say that you can defecate and urinate in city streets in Denver. It's going to happen in Denver next. It's sweeping the nation. They're not going to have the problem that goes into winners that they have in Denver. But is there a sense of Californians have lost their state? Yes. It short of a miracle from God. California's gone is controlled by Yuli goals are on infant taken over by illegals. And and even other people will come from. Countries who hate American not coming here to become one nation under God, come at you to book three stuff coming you for whatever L up to make the country better. But worse and the citizens around here who get fed up happening. They feel helpless or the aluminum away to places like Texas, Alabama, Georgia in other areas did not willing to stay here and fight for. I am starting to hear more people complain about it. Oh, but they need a strong leader to be them in how to change this African Americans are the is the one group of Americans most negatively profoundly affected by the rush to the southern border legals do ever gonna Americans in Los Angeles understand what's happening to them and not for them by the Democratic Party. Well, thank God. That's a really good question. I'm seeing and it's too much. But I'm grateful. I'm seeing more look that start to wake up and complete and recognized that the so called black politicians and leaders are doing nothing to help people. And I think that Barack Obama to follow messiah when you in office for eight years he really helped to open nineteen is because they thought that he was going to do more to help back Americans. But instead they got worse grounded again, a better. So the panel Titian, especially the young black millennial men and women because a lot of their want to start you know, they're trying to start their own businesses. They've been educated. So they see things a little differently than is everything is reaches idea. And it started to recognize that the black leadership we have a wicked witch of the west with an IQ, Maxine Waters. They see it any. He really don't care about them because they do a full open borders and black the say why people in it wouldn't come in a hurt first and foremost in inner cities. We didn't come through jobs housing communities. They have enough by going on already, but he illegal bringing more violence, and they hate people. And so it's just a wide come in east LA, another place them running away from near because they cannot get from your so-called leaders, and they both for voted for and a lot of them are starting to carry it to what degree white hope Donald Trump, and they see now that he is a man of action that he is not afraid he put the country first, and he's not into this idea of racism. He doesn't kill what color. You are. If you're male a female he care about the American people. And so it all. Sandy going to both twenty two twenty because they could see for themselves. Real action of the man and not with the media in. Other portray him ask. Jesse Lee you bring up the name, Maxine Waters, one of the worst places to live in America. If you're black folks is in a black congressional district. Can you talk because you've run against her? I think once or twice Maxine Waters. Get seventy percent of the vote every time she runs what good is she done for the black community in Los Angeles. Maxine waters. The euro good at he's done nothing to me. Oversaw centered her district is as bad as it was the worst. We she. I started a long time ago, and she has no plan to make it better, and you pay attention to her right now all you're doing crime, racism, racism racism that has worked for her for so long. I don't think ain't gonna work into more because I started to wake up this started to feel help this and they started to realize they cannot rely on Mazzi waters or what else to do for them. They gotta start door for themselves, and they have to have voted into right people, Maxine Waters live in a four point something million dollar home in a suburb while she is encouraging project since quite would have black and Hispanics is her in her district. And is she is four open borders, and that's making a lot of black people those areas feel upset because they thought that he was. Put them first before allow illegal to come in, especially when it comes to jobs and health care and education and stuff like that they recognized no before when I started out twenty twenty nine years ago. I did not here. Guys. Speaking out the way, they're door right now in the black community, and you're right. In the past that districts were black Democrats run it on a hill host pay and started to be fed up with that, you know, I'm reading a couple of days ago. There was an article in Los Angeles, Los Angeles Times about mayor Eric Garcetti, who's the mayor talking about a one hundred million dollar spending for the homeless problem in Los Angeles. I know three years earlier there was a one hundred million dollar plan three years ago for the homeless in Los Angeles. The more money is spent the worst problem becomes have you noticed that spent another hundred million dollars you'll attract even more homeless. That's right because you keep given to these people. They don't have to earn anything. It just makes them worse rather than better and also encourages them to get the family members here from across the borders because more Mexicans or whatever they have illegal aliens home money, Monday get so it's just causing more problems..

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