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A trending story. Hey, Natalie. Hey, Brian. The tropics are definitely active As we're reaching the peak of our hurricane season later this week, there's a disturbance over the central Gulf Mexico and what forecasters are saying is that it's got a medium chance of developing into a tropical or subtropical depression as it gets closer toward the northern Gulf Coast, either tonight. Or by early tomorrow, and it's a little too soon to show indications of it possibly impacting at least a portion of our state. You can get to work to bear that deal. Larry Thankfully, looks like it's going to leave Bermuda alone, so that one is mostly going to be for the fishes deal Looks like aside from a little tropical storm like condition in Bermuda. So you know, I was I was taking a look at this this morning. We know last year was insane Record year for Storms, everything. You remember how many we had in September. We definitely were already into the Greek alphabet. I remember that. You're right. We ended in the Greek alphabet. We had 10 named storms last year, 10. We started the month With the end storm We ended in the great gal Pha Bet. So the good news is we all have that guy. The other good news is Peak day for hurricane season. Commercial Peak Day is Friday. And we know that there's nothing out there. It's got our name on it. Always begin to like told at the other end of the peak of the season. So, Yeah, it's.

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