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Richard of course spencer. Let me start with you. Spencer on the news that klay health and gets fired after two games. Yeah it's week three paul. It's week three already. Keihin clay elton. They had enough. They took one step out of the bill tug and just threw even though i would say that substantively. This isn't much different than the milk's been for at least three years under klay held now. I don't know why the stanford losses any worse than any other laws that. Us's had underplay. Hell i guess they just had it but by the way if you get fired this is how to make sure they issue a press. Release okay because that thing looked copy edited ready to go polish. Richard just check. He's not even on the coach's roster anymore on the website. He's been nuked from the website. They already have the interim up in the roster. No they were. They were ready to rock here. This was this was a top down scrub. I think we understand that when you lose to the stanford team that played like stanford did week one. It's going to raise some eyebrows spencer. I think what's interesting. Here is the fact that you know heritage hall. Which is what we call the firm behind. Usc is always this sort of wildly unpredictable place. I think it's become even more unpredictable now. Given them my bone who was cincinnati's former. Fbi director is now the athletic director at usc. Because he's the first outsider so to speak to take over athletic department basically in my lifetime. It's always been inside guys now you've got an outsider here and it appears that the outsider has made the heavy handed move by taking control of the situation. At least that's my read on it by firing clay. Helton this quickly. Let's talk about where they go next. They have plenty of time. I mean usually if you fire somebody maybe an early november to give yourself a chance. I mean they have a lifetime to look for the next coach. It used to be that. Urban meyer was top top of the list. Jacksonville fans may want him to be top of the list but spencer. Where are they going. I don't know why you mentioned urban meyer. He has a job sir. He will be staying with job. Rumor-mongering will not stand. There's an interesting question here because he is an outsider. Chances are my bones going to have to satisfy some internal tensions inside the program by considering. Usc allom maybe. If not i but at least make them part of the process. I think somebody that they're going to look at may already be on staff. They may like what graham harrell is doing it offensive coordinator and then may stay internal especially because you said they have time now. Time is also a chance for everyone else on that staff to audition for the job. Underlie fire in real time so i would not be surprised to see somebody hired off this staff. Yeah i think so first of all. It's a usc coaching search. So jeff fisher jacked worn down. Come on i know that. That jeff fisher at least is a helping. Eddie george out of tennessee state. So get up to nashville. See if he'll take the job. I joked kid trust me know. I think the obvious one to one connection is gonna be luke trickle mike bone cincinnati guy. We know what luke vehicles doing cincinnati. I would imagine. That's one of the first call he makes. We'll see if he ends up coming on down to la fit but you know winnings a cultural fit. So maybe you should try that for a change outside of that. It's the hot guys. I mean you know jane. Franklin at penn state. He's probably going to be on that list. You know that there are some other coaches. Usc man and i know that you see has not been usc in the last ten years. But for god's sakes it's usc and they can swing a pretty big stick when it comes to to coaching search here. I don't know. I don't know why i why jeff fisher always gets mentioned for the job. I mean i know he went there and play there but I'm wondering if fisher could get a job anywhere right now. Listed that is uc..

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