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Don't actually know one time in ESPN history felt like Gilmore and holds are the place that you went I legitimately and I mean this is no slight to Rod Gilmore. He may still work at the network doing some but he was at one point sort of our voice and face for college football and we. Asked the question where did he go and Lou Holtz popped up the other day. Stu Guts doing analysis here on the pandemic and he said we should play college football because when we stormed Normandy, there were going to be lives laws, which is just terrible as analysis like we don't need college football as badly as we need some of the things that were being fought over in wars. But that's where Lou Holtz went and Lou Holtz disorder advantage from one day to the next on ESPN, right like I I was I, was getting used to Lou Holtz is a part of my every Saturday and then he's gone. So what I want to ask you. Is a give me some of the people most jarring. In terms of you looked up one day at ESPN and they were just gone Dave. Campbell was the leathery skin of baseball for a long time, Dave Campbell, and then we look up and now we've polished up A. Rod and made him the new soup Campbell and I wanna ask you about that. But I also want to empty our Lou Holtz file. I want I don't know how big this file is. We had a lot of fun Lou, Holtz as expense because for a professional broadcaster, he's got some things that you know get in the way that are something of an impediment for broadcasting literally an impediment. So let's check this out. So Marshall usually told ricky, KATO WHO GETS TOUCHDOWN PASSES Evan Johnson put up two hundred, seventy two yards. That's Marcel record nothing to sneeze at. Added Lou Holtz Sneeze that is Reese Davis, Disney prince cleaning, up some unprofessional broadcasting I've maintain its rhesus finest moment. It's unbelievable. Let's listen to it again just so that you can hear that Lou Holtz is sneeze does indeed sound like a car horn from the nineteen twenty marshall usually it's all cato who gets the touchdown passes forty. Seven Johnson two hundred, seventy, two yards. That's a martial record nothing to sneeze. Wait a minute. This is gonNA take a while to empty this file because again I just want to sit around when the sneeze and again I want you to imagine. Okay. Everyone's dressed like burke sugar in the Great Depression America and we've just invented the car and somebody needs to get out of the way that car horn is going. Like. This need some? Marshall. Usually all routine Kato who gets the touchdown passes. Two hundred seventy dollars that's. Nothing to sneeze at. PLACES TO BE. Let's go everybody. I don't even know that they are traffic lights in nineteen twenty I don't actually know but somebody is on their iphone and they're. Looking into their IPHONE and they're not noticing that the light is turned green and right behind him. Oh. The first traffic quite. was available to to the public one, thousand, nine, hundred ten. So you're fine East Street New York City the IPHONE might be a problem given. My period piece comedy. What else do you have there from the Lou Holtz file. How many things do we have in that file? My it's overflowing Gimme a break as we approach the now. All right Do we have any frank? Kelly. Endo doing Lou. Holtz because I thought Frank Cal one of Frank Kellyanne does strongest impressions was Lou have them doing twas the night before Christmas with a Gruden Berman and Lou Holtz. Okay. So now that ladies and gentlemen is a team that is a tease in August do you want to hear twas the night before Christmas Christmas with Berman and Holtz?.

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