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Fuego. Yes, they go start. Hey, ago, his girl. It always makes you pick me up. Who let the dogs out, and they just can't help But smile, folks. That's all we've got to do. We asked my Omar smile through everything that we got open line to give our 6516411071 be happy to hear your questions and Okay. She petted dog between the years on the top of the head. No correct, Say, and wife. Because I feel like it has something to do with like they can't see what you're doing, or like, I don't know you're reaching over their eyeballs. I don't know what happens is that most people we've and I mentioned this, But I'm just going to keep mentioning because it's you knowing that it might be new listeners or yet, right? But most people when they meet a dog, they go directly to him, and they shoved their hand into up to the dog's nose like here. This is who I am and be just like a little say I meet you for the first man. I come up and shove my hand right into your nose and go. Hi, I'm Katie. And then its seed to go up over the top of the head between the ears and down the back of the net to pet. The dog went to the dog number one when you'd look directly at them, That's computational if they don't know you all right, So first of all, you always stay in sideways to the dog. Okay, so that aside profile to a dog. Is a common signal. Okay. Okay. So now you're a nasty owner. May I pet you right? But you pet your dog? Yeah, the owner and you might wanna pass. So anyway, so that then if they say yes. Now you ask the dog all rights on our side profile. More people just come up and go up over the top of the head and down the back of the neck. Which is a dominant moved to a dog. Okay. All right. So that's why you turned sideways and the sides towards the dog at eye level. Your take your thumb and everybody stand up right now, if you got your dog by a standup Stand sideways to your dog. Make your thumb to the side. That's towards you, Dog. Put it at eye level on your leg. And then you're gonna tap tap your thumb and then wiggle. Wiggle your fingers. Tap tap, wiggle, wiggle, tap tap legal, Wavell and you try that three times and the dog doesn't come into your hand. You know to say. Oh, hi. Yeah, you could pat me Then you're done. Just walk away and do something else. But then let's say the dog just come in. Then what you do is you just pet the sides of their face. Alright, just on the sides of the face or like down along the side or under the chin there, not the chin but the chest. Because now you're the dog can see where your hands are is what's right and and s O now it doesn't feel is threatening. But you don't look at the dog when you're standing sideways to the dog cap, tap, wiggle, wiggle. Look to the floor. Don't look at the dog, and if you look directly at their eyes, that's almost kind of another complication. Right. You're staring at me was the problem here. But if you just kind of let the dog warm up to you, But like I say, even if the dogs let's say the dog is like, three inches from your hand, Pat Cap wiggle, wiggle. You have no right to take your thumb off your leg. And go and pet the dog. Because now that you ask the dog in the dog is still where he doesn't want to come all the way in and have you pet them, right? They do. Then you don't put him on top of the head. You pet him along the side of their face and then let go down their side like a shoulder blade. And then maybe along the side of the dog or in the chest of the dog dogs love to be petted. In the chess where the V is and the chest. They love that, okay, and in behind the ears on the side that is at your side. No, don't reach over the top of your dog's head to pet him on the other side that makes him uncomfortable because there again, you kind of doing a dominant move going over the top of their head to get to the other ear. Could just pet the ear That is closest, you know, behind the of the closest to you, you know? Okay. Okay, Because too many people there give don't cater timeto understand? How a dog sees the situation and that uses what gets him into trouble. So there's a book called Canine Body Language. The nine body language by a loft A L F F If you truly especially if he had more than one dog, you truly want to learn to understand how the dog holds his head. His tales of how the dog perceives what you are kind of saying to them. The dogs try to talk to us many times. But if you're not watching for it, you have no ideas happening. Hey. Interesting. And so that's why you know, And then also, too, you know that people training for good dogs by Melissa being human. That is huge, too, because and there were signs there that that you've got to learn to look for. And there's that. What's happening now is I've been getting quite a few calls. By the way, there's open line 651411071 about dogs fighting within. You know, they've always got along and all of a sudden now there's fight within the pack. Oh, yeah, OK, They're fighting with your brother's assistance. Yes, Yes, we get mad at each other. Yes meeting, but unfortunately, I don't get mad at each other involved. Teeth Say we don't We don't bite, though. Yeah. And so hopefully so, Yeah, So it's so it's really It's really tough, as far as ah and that, and so if you're having that problem, you know where they're all of a sudden you dot the dogs are fighting with, you know themselves. You know, amongst their that this Yuzuru doing something wrong. And that's where Melissa's book is going to help you That people training for good dogs because you gotta figure it out. You gotta think like a dog and see why What are you doing? That is causing the you know the fight because ofthe dogs bite and dogs fight. Out of stress. So something's happened like you're perceiving something for the dog to Ah, either. Yeah, is that the package is running amok. And so that's why it's really, really important that you get back on the wavelength and then be able to start you know, figuring it out, and the worst thing to do is start Screamin and Yana, the dog says as even has caused more stress. And this dress is gonna build and build and build is going to get crazy. So that's why you've got empower yourself. And you gotta understand how dogs think they're not human. They're dogs. And so that's why you get the book. You know, people, people training for good dogs and By a canine body language by a loft. Okay, And so that will help you out immensely. So it's so from here on out when you never when you go to greet a dog. Don't stick your hand on go. Hi, I'm Katie. This's who I am. That's gonna put the dog in the defence turns sideways to the dog. Put your thumb on the leg side, You know, side of the dog Tap tap, wiggle. Wiggle your hands. Tap tap. We've away Go and look to the ground. Don't look at the dog and the dog. You could practice that with your own dog. So that then you'll get have your kids and grandkids and everybody, nieces, nephews, every adult. You come around, teach him how to greet the dog properly. Do not shove your fist or their hands into your dog in that dog's face. All right, Side profile is a common signal to a dog. Right where we at? Ah, we can go to our next caller already there, so we're going to go to Tracy and Tracy has a question about.

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