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Randy elvis duran phone tap so much going on today. I think it's time for another michael oppenheimer phone tap dear elvis. My father is an old school. Italian man who thinks everyone's trying to rob him when they tell him to refinance his mortgage. So why. don't you have. Michael oppenheimer pretend to be a lender call him up tell him he's ready to refinance his house. You'll probably have to bleep out most of the conversation. But it will be funny. Comes to us from gary michael oppenheimer now is on the phone phone tapping gary's dan mr negro. Please mr negro nygard mr nigel. Hi this is mr michael bender. Fender lender company. How you doing today sir. Mr michael oppenheimer no. I'm all set. We'd like you to refinance your mortgage at this time. Not would you be sir now would you. Would you let me finish now would you. I got no call. Excuse you got that no car now. You people get my number hoops. the call. no call nocal- what's that look. I'm australian mortgage right because hi. This is mr michael with the bender. Fender lender company. How you doing today so we can offer you a thirty year fixed for your mortgage my mortgage no. You're not not according to our records. Where did you get my records. So you wanna check my records. Okay we understand you own a home sir. That's right which company with my wife takes care of all that we'll right now we'll give you zero percent for six months at a boss sir. Excuse you mr michael up. Check my luggage. This is mr mike eleven with the fender. Your favorite lenders itself any. We learned any large purchases. Now what are you what. I give me your phone number. Give me your address. Excuse me sir those name my bell. There's no need to get crazy iraq. It's a beautiful day here at bender. Fender you don't want to check my credit. This is mr michael. Is michael oppenheimer dyson. Why are you now. You locally you close by in santa barbara california get out there and come out to meet you personally right. This is mr michael up and mike oppenheimer. Whoever he is a list your i got you got us watch. I don't put you on my list. Call list yeah. I am i wanna know how you got my number no call list which supersedes the listed european to tell me. I'm a risk on my mortgage. So i pay you my mortgage. We could someone you up right now. Sign this up. I got some feta sign up are you. Are you close by a million person right now. I'm not here to pick a fight mr mike. I'm here to pick a fight now. You harass me. On the phone. Mr michael oppenheimer about mr michael open. Amer- you know what you can do you my ad sir. Call black again. I'm gonna come on now. You're not give me your number. i'm sweat your name. This to michael oppenheimer o. P. p. e. n. I'm how to spell. You might go up. Hammer says me with the bender and bender lender company and benders. You go to my friend. He's a shylock. Mr mr all nine eleven. Excuse me sir. I'm calling as a courtesy today. Gertie you anybody else okay. So i'm gonna track your number down whoever just give you my phone number one. Eight hundred two four two zero one hundred. This is scary. Jones gary because to tone and you make me like that permission granted by participants durand durand in the morning show..

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