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And this book is written by neuroscientists and i don't know if it's a christian but there's nothing christian in it it's just purely brain science and i want to read to you some quotes from the book all right now have three pages of quotes so i know it's going to be awful so let me jump okay there are three neuro chemicals released in a sexual relationship the first one is dopamine say dopamine dopamine is wonderful it is the rush of i feel lie in is that reward kimiko it is when you do something thrilling and risky end it works it's the rush that comes from that addictive drugs target dopamine receptors case of dopamine is is the rush that comes from engaging in something thrilling something exciting it's the rush that comes from looking at porn it's the rush that comes from viewing in a fair dopamine is totally values neutral meaning it rewards whatever you think is thrilling and risky whether it's good for you or not dopamine israeli listen to this studies with animals have shown that almost all addictive drugs increase still reward signals sex is one of the strongest generators of the dopamine reward now there's another neurochemical called oxytocin ladies this is for you this is the feminine bonding chemical right now i'm just quoting these people 'cause i don't understand anything but here's what they say oxytocin is released into your body ladies four at 4 occasions intimate touching sexual intercourse the onset of labor and nursing and it is the kimiko that causes you to bond with your baby were your lover.

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