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The mid eighties to low nineties With CNN goes most accurate forecast. I maybe see 10 news meteorologist making Perry 61 in LeMay PSA 46 in Ramona 59 in Rancho Bernardo and downtown. It's clear and 56 Coco News Time is 61 drugmaker Madonna says it's Corona virus vaccine is 94, a half percent effective, Mike Power has more based on an early look at the results from its large Continuing study, researchers at Moderna say the results were better than they had dared to imagine. Moderna is the second company to report preliminary data on apparently successful vaccine offering hope in a surging pandemic that has infected more than 53 million people worldwide and killed more than 1.2 Million Visor and Madonna were the first to announce early date on large studies. But 10 other companies are also conducting big phase three trials in a global race to produce a vaccine. Modernist vaccine is not expected to be widely available for months. I'm Mike Power, Dr Anthony Fauci. She says news of a potential vaccine should serve as a motivator to the American people. We've got to get the vaccine. It's got to be deployed and we can't abandon fundamental public health measures. He said on CNN's state of the union that Americans have what's known as covert fatigue. But he said, people must press on, he said. That's especially true with the upcoming holiday season. County health officials are sounding the alarm about a sharp rise in new covered 19 cases, more than 1000 reported Sunday and three daily records have been set in less than a week. County Supervisor Nathan Fletcher's saying It's a sign that Cove in 19 is real spreading and must be taken seriously. In a statement, Fletcher urging San Diegans not to let their guard down where a mask, keep your distance and limit gatherings. The record 1087 cases, sundae topped Saturdays. 736 covert cases, which meet Wednesday. 661 cases. The death toll stands at 926 San Diego County Public Health officer Dr Wilma Wooten, calling these numbers a warning sign that people need to follow public health recommendations that are known to prevent the spread of covert 19 Joshua Lipton KOGO new Coming out of the first weekend of purple tear restrictions, opponents are holding a rally outside the county administration building at 3 30 this afternoon. Alison Hartmann with reopens. And Diego was helping put the event on. We kind of wanted to say Enough is enough. Okay, You know, we've done everything that the state has asked us to do as the cities, the death rate remains very low cases don't seem to be necessarily tied to the death rate. So if the death rate is low, and everybody's acting responsibly, we really need our kids to get back to school to get back to their normal social interaction. Parents need to be able to earn an income and make money for their families. The reopen San Diego Group joined by alcohol Mayor Bill Wells County Supervisor Jim Chessman Chakra Nicola News Court hearing is set for tomorrow morning is a group of San Diego businesses sue the state and the county over more closures and restrictions to restaurants and two gyms filed the lawsuit Friday seeking an emergency injunction so that they could continue to operate indoors. It's filed on behalf of all restaurants and Jim's, They claim the state and the county orders. Intrude on their rights and violate the California Constitution. The defendant to include the Governor, Theater, knee general and San Diego County Public Health Officer, Dr Wilma Wooten enrolled. Brett Jawad is downplaying President Trump's lack of attendance at Corona Virus Task Force meetings. The vice president does chair the coronavirus task Force, the vice president, We often have several Cabinet members there. On ABC this week to watch, said the vice president Briefs Trump on the virus Very often. Pence leads the task force. His confirmation of the president not attending meetings comes after comments from a senior administration official to the Washington Post. That person said the president hadn't been in a meeting for at least five months. The president refusing to concede the presidential election again tweeting claims of a rigged election. Rachel Sutherland has more President Trump's legal team dropped fraud claims and pencil. Veiny yesterday, instead arguing Democrats were treated more favorably than Republicans as they try to derail certification. The president's lawyer, Rudy Giuliani, told the Fox Business Network. Although he couldn't show evidence, Dominion voting systems change votes from Trump to Biden. It's enough to have the president when the state by 300,000. Which is actually what do you want to? But right? What if you get that Smartmatic machine out Dominion in the Homeland Security Department have pushed back on fraud claims the election results certifications need to happen before the Electoral college meets on December 14th. L. A Dodgers say Hall of Famer Tommy Lasorda is in the hospital for an undisclosed medical issue. The 93 year old is said to be resting comfortably in the ICU in Orange County Hospital. Apparently it's some sort of heart issue. Let's sort of managed the Dodgers from 1976 to 1996 winning two World Series championships in 81 88. I was just reading he has been with the Dodgers. For about 70 years. Isn't that incredible? That is incredible..

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