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Our news. I'm Ari Shapiro. Coming up Senate Republicans pushed back on President Trump's plan to pull US troops out of Syria later, a fight in Virginia's legislature amplifies the national debate over abortion. How late in the third trimester physician perform abortion of he indicated it would impair them until health of the woman goes all the way up to forty weeks and two new book reflects the author's own experience, teaching her students to celebrate the color of their skin. Never never never do kiss of color. Choose skin tone. That's close to the heirs. They go as light as possible. Those stories coming up after this news. Live from NPR news in Washington. I'm Shay Stevens. Much of the midwest is in for less severe weather this weekend following days of dangerously cold temperatures blamed for more than a dozen deaths. Erik Gordon is a professor at the university of Michigan's Ross school of business. He says the bitter cold is not only been unhealthy, but it's also calls financial hardships for consumers who are going to pay us utility bills just to keep their houses from freezing. If that money was going to be used for car will they buy the car next week or next month or next year? So it's hard to predict the big three automakers shut down or suspended operations at numerous plants in Michigan Thursday, conserve energy. The government's latest monthly jobs report is due out this morning NPR's Windsor, Johnston reports some communists, expect the unemployment numbers to reflect the partial government shutdown the shutdown left hundreds of thousands of federal employees furloughed, but because they will receive back pay. They'll be counted. In the payroll survey as employed, but economists are split on a separate household survey. Gus Moshe is the chief economist at PNC financial services in that survey federal government workers who were furloughed will be counted as temporarily unemployed so I do expect to see an increase in the unemployment rate in January two four point zero percent with those workers coming back on the job. I would expect the unemployment rate fall. Again, in February predicts US employers will add about one hundred sixty thousand jobs in January that's coming off a stronger than expected unemployment report in December Windsor Johnston. NPR news US and Chinese negotiators of wrapped up two days of talks Washington without reaching agreement on trade, President Trump has expressed optimism about reaching a deal when he meets with China's president the European Union is leading a new effort aimed at breaking the political deadlock in Venezuela. Teri Schultz reports some EU countries are joining an international contact group. That was created to help guide the South American nation through a peaceful transition of power, the contact group includes both European and Latin American countries led by e you foreign policy chief Federico Guerini. She says it will exist for ninety days for the sole purpose of getting president Nikola doodo to hold new elections amid accusations those held in may were invalid it's not about mediating. It's not about creating forms of dialogue. We've seen. Processes before that have been indeed us just to buy time opposition leader, one guy dole has declared himself interim president and several countries including the US have recognized him. Some e you government say they'll follow suit. If Modesto doesn't schedule a new vote by Monday Marini says more sanctions targeting. The government may also be an order. If Modesto doesn't take immediate steps. For NPR news. I'm Teri Schultz in Brussels on stock markets in Asia shares closed mixed lower in Hong Kong. You're listening to NPR news. A tense back and forth between police and prosecutors in Saint Louis continued Thursday amid an investigation into the death of one officer at the hands of another Saint Louis public radio's Rachel Lipman reports. The city's police chief says he's insulted by allegations of obstruction officer Caitlyn Alex was shot and killed January twenty four th while playing a Russian roulette style game with the second officer who was on duty at the time. He's been charged with involuntary manslaughter in a letter on Monday, circuit attorney, Kim Gardner accused. Investigators of using internal department policies to block from accessing urine or Breathalyzer test results from the officer and his partner chief, John Hayden. Fiercely disputes her character is Asian accusation by the circuit attorney was on. Margit suddenly, untimely, absolutely irresponsible. Gardner says she stands by her letter. And that it's time to focus on getting Justice for Alex. This is not the first time hated and Gardner have been at odds, they continued to feud over a list of officers who are blocked from filing criminal charges with the prosecutor's office for NPR news. I'm Rachel Lipman in Saint Louis trysts marmer says this expanding it's voluntary recall of infant ibuprofen. The company says the concentration of the drug may be too high. Although it has not received any reports related health problems appliance maker Electrolux says it plans to close its Memphis factory. The Stockholm based company says its conduct consolidating its US cooking manufacturing at another Tennessee plant where it hopes. Investments will drive growth..

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