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The mysterious universe season 27 episode 13 coming up on this show we've got the nocturnal brain ticklers. Tibet's automated occult defense systems and how an energy raider solved a cold case murder. I'm Benjamin grundy joining me as Aaron Wright, I lied. It's not so much an automated defense system. It's more like delaying visitors when they go to visit the Dalai Lama. It's more like some incense and some fruit that's made life out. It's not really an automated anything. Or defense system. No, it actually is. It's for the Dalai Lama and it's to stop visitors that are coming. It's like he's just not ready. You know, he hasn't gotten up and you know it's just too difficult. A guardian or a tall person in another dimension that. No axis. It's an atmospheric anomaly. Oh, that appears to prevent people seemingly from traveling, although we don't know entirely it's connected to the Dalai Lama, but it is viewed as being a bad omen to encounter it. Very cool. Yes. I saw that you've got your stand Gordon book out again on the desk today, creepy cryptids, which we started. We kind of touched on the last plus episode, didn't we? Well, I covered one story, because I didn't realize just how long your story was going to go for. Spreading out into two episodes. But that's fine. That's not a problem at all. You're absolutely right. I want to go into creepy cryptids from Stan Gordon. He's one of my favorite researchers. He's been on the scene for decades. He knows his stuff so well. He's one of these researchers that because he is out there on the ground. He's getting direct eyewitness reports. He's also got that trained eye so we can judge whether or not the person's pulling his leg or telling the truth or at least believes that they've had this experience. So I'm going to tie that in with some other experiences that kind of fit really with the theme I'm going to be covering today, but it all came about because on an ask you what you've got coming up in a moment then it all came about because of just the way that the mainstream media this week and social media has been exploding with this orgasm, like of sadness, really, of this new report, this FOA, freedom of information or FIA information report of 1500 Doc pages of documents that have come from the Department of Defense. I've been looking forward to hearing about this from you because I've been too busy to read anything about it..

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