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Ones vampires are coming to Tulane University the school acquired the archives of bestselling author Anne rice who was born and raised in New Orleans rice has written thirty novels she moved to California for college and has spent much of her life since then in California but New Orleans has played a central role in much of her fiction interview with the vampire was her first novel when it was published in nineteen seventy six Anderson the city's French Quarter the collection at Tulane will consist of manuscripts of most of her published works some unpublished short stories journals screenplays personal artifacts in correspondence from family friends and fans of the author a self styled daredevil died Saturday after a rocket which he launched himself crashed into the ground mad Mike Hughes died after the homemade rocket crashed on private property near Barstow California Justin Chapman freelance journalists told the AP that he and his wife witnessed the crash they said the rocket appeared to rub against the launch apparatus which might have torn the parachutes attached to it Hughes recently signed on with the science channel to document his project on the television program homemade astronauts in March twenty eighteen Hughes who book it ground in what's being billed as the biggest women's cricket match ever the international cricket council says local organizers want to break the world record of ninety thousand one hundred eighty five for a crowd at a women's sporting event set in nineteen ninety nine at the FIFA World Cup final in Pasadena California he said in a statement that she is all about celebrating a quality and the achievements of women hi Jackie Quinn is it in trump campaigning in Las Vegas is suggesting that intelligence reporting about Russian interference to help his campaign is just missing information from Democrats after three years of ridiculous which Johnson partisan Democrat crusades by the way I think this is not a did you see that I see these phonies season the do nothing Democrats they said today that Putin wants to be sure the trump gets elected here we go well he downplayed the intelligence reporting Democrat Bernie Sanders says he too was told his campaign was getting Russian meddling Sanders warned Russia to stay out of U. S. politics after the Iowa caucus tabulating meltdown a professor at U. N. L. V. Robert Lang says Nevada will do it's counting differently the app that was a concern in Iowa was abandoned and were really off of some sort of optical scanning sheets at this point that are older fashion but more reliable China says the number of daily cases of coronaviruses dropped but in South Korea they're reporting a six fold increase and officials are declaring an emergency in the US our my grass it reports on a number of new cases the U. S. centers for disease control and prevention says at least eighteen Americans who returned to the United States from a quarantine to cruise ships are infected with covert nineteen the new virus that originated in China that raises to thirty five the number of confirmed cases in the US an Idaho woman with doomsday believed to fly to Hawaii was in court today forty six year old Laurie valoe charged with felony child abandonment Harvey Weinstein's jury has deadlocked on the two most serious counts of predatory sexual assault the judges urging jurors to keep trying to reach a consensus they'll be back Monday this is APNews on the eve of the Nevada caucus an Associated Press N. O. R. C. poll finds Democrats feeling positive about the top presidential contender Bernie Sanders gets the highest ratings nationally seventy four percent of democratic voters surveyed say they have a favorable opinion of the Vermont senator former vice president Joe Biden get sixty seven percent favorable senator Elizabeth Warren sixty four percent and fifty eight percent for former south bend Indiana Merope included judge about half expressed favorable opinions of billionaire Mike Bloomberg and senator Amy Klobuchar and nearly forty percent for billionaire Tom Steiner Ben Thomas Washington Kentucky's governor has signed legislation that requires police officers who work at schools to carry a gun Wells Fargo is agreeing to pay a three billion dollar settlement into a long running case about company employees opening bogus accounts to meet sales.

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