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Gallery furniture made in America studios Houston's water wells will continue a little longer I'm Corey Olsen it's five thirty on newsradio seven forty K. T. R. H. traffic and weather together here's Katie Lund there's never really lock into the inbound lanes the Westpark tollway between Hillcroft in southwest freeway they're hooking up to vehicles and to the records to get this cleared out but it is because it is loading right now from Gassner yeah we got a two ninety out on accident now approaching a tell the earlier record spring cypress cleared that's our trail riders arrived at Memorial Park and also it's a beautiful day for brisket they've got to increase traffic right energy stadium for the cook off I get elected in the Gulf because windows dot com twenty four hour traffic center our weather channel forecast tonight partly cloudy lows in the mid to upper forties tomorrow gorgeous mostly sunny highs mid seventies Sunday we'll see increasing clouds chance of afternoon showers and high in the mid seventies seventy one now clear and sunny at the K. T. R. H. nasco gaining twenty four hour weather center it's five thirty one the news brought to you by top tax defenders our top story a boil order notice continues for those on Houston city water through at least tomorrow morning mayor says the city is still repairing the water main break from Thursday and testing water samples to make sure they are clean health secretary Alex aides are says U. S. health officials are still working hard to determine exactly exactly were northern California corona virus victim contracted the infection the woman is one of fifteen diagnosed cases of the virus in the U. S. on Wall Street stocks finished their worst week since two thousand eight because of the corona virus the Dow lost three hundred fifty seven points the nasdaq was actually up a fraction S. and P. five hundred down twenty four our next updated six now more Michael berry show I'm Corey Olsen on newsradio seven forty K. T. R. H. at memorial Hermann joint center it's not enough to be Houston's leader in robotic assisted procedures if we're not also providing a human touch with treatment options tailored to.

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