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Okay finally here cheese nice place look at the walls i know hardly any smoke damage now look closer is that blood what kind of fire does that i'll think affiars the only thing we're dealing with here look behind the bed is at a body lord look at the scale you can see in sight of her that's ridiculous now oh my god where sir arm at four a m on july 21st 19th 64 a man who identified himself as one val dez called the new orleans police department to report a fire at the patios apartments firefighters and policemen would discover a strange crime scene a burning mattress with a woman's body underneath and blood spattered on the walls it was a violent crime scene but there were no signs of forced entry at the apartment or anything stolen from it the woman's right arm and torso were burned completely away and she had multiple lacerations on her extremities and genitals and a stab wound straight to her heart dr carol carolyn tally would later identify her body the victim mary sherman was not only a fellow doctor but also will world renowned orthopedic surgeon and a respected researcher on the front lines of the fight to cure cancer she was also caroline tallies best friend but if mary's life work was dedicated to solving the mysteries of the any it's tragically ironic that her murder remains a mystery to this very day with a deep web of questions and conspiracy surrounding it so let's take a closer look at the life and death of dr mary sherman.

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