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Football stadiums. West end when finished, says O s U Athletic director Scott Barnes. Seating capacity will actually go down from the current 45,000 seats and change to the mid to high 30 thousands. Gill Coliseum in Corvallis is where the Washington Huskies are playing Men's hoops tonight. Against the Beavers down the way Willamette Valley about 45 minutes. Washington State tangles with the Oregon Ducks and tonight number one. Gonzaga has the WCC basketball game in California's Big Valley, taking on the Pacific Tigers. Three former U Dub Huskies on the Tampa Bay Super Bowl roster Vita via betting put away and the punt return specialist Jay Don Makins, just like Washington. Only thing I'm missing now is Number one and number 16 on left and right to be, you know, but I love those guys, you know, from the core from Seattle and a brain and every day, Mr Pickens and the Buccaneers are a field goal underdog against Kansas City. Sunday. Sports updates a 10 and 40 after the hour Bill Swerts Comeau News Come on news time for 12. We've been sharing a lot of stories about people who haven't been able to schedule a covert vaccine and last minute cancelations for those who do. Almost Brian Calvert chairs the story of a Washington woman who tried every trick she knew and finally got through for Amy Warren Life's top priority these days, making sure she gets a coed vaccine figure. Having the vaccine just gives me just a little more peace of mind. She showed up for her appointment on Lee to be told. Sorry, we don't have any record of your appointment. And we returned home a little down, but decided you can either fight it and have a hissy fit. It just doesn't accomplish much. This time. Amy wrangled her husband and daughter into the mix, and all three tried to book another appointment. We had three cell phones. Ah, home phone, calling that 800 number and the computer after spending the day investing time and patience it paid off. Amy's husband got through. Went into the charts. He changed passwords. Did all that came back and still got me the appointment for Friday. Yeah, just really is an appointment. She has printed a second confirmation form and she's headed to a second appointment. It's the same thing If I don't come in Friday, don't have a shot. It's back to the drawing board. Most would agree. It should not take this much effort to get what could amount to a life saving injection. More doses are on the way, and the process will likely be much easier a few weeks from now. But Amy did not want to wait and she continues to press on B positive support everybody and we will all get through this together. I mean, it's the only way. Brian Calvert colonias with Cuomo News time now for 14 coma, traffic every 10 minutes on the force from the dupe in law group. Traffic center here against Marina Rock. Inger. There's couple real struggle spots up on I five coming into Seattle from Lake City, Way South, down four or five between 5 20 Newcastle neighborhood in Bellevue. North on I five is sluggish from Lake City Way into the Mountlake Terrace area South down by five at Highway a chance a real struggle down into the five curve. We have slowdowns in Lakewood, often on South Bound I five Heading into the JBL M area, and we still have a blocking problem being reported in the Michael Shoot reservation. It's on Auburn Eatem Claw Road, which is highway 1 64, just west of 3 90 seconds. It's what you're seeing slowdowns both directions there. We also have a collision reported in the South Hill area on one 22nd Avenue. He's just south of 1, 36, and in stand would a collision on Pioneer Highway west of 48th Avenue Northwest. Next couple traffic.

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