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I was some quality tennis. Yeah Neal's girls. Were hidden that ball so hard and there was a lot of finesse and dropshots everything. It really did running down crazy balls angles. the serves. Just wow yeah as I keep saying. Women's tennis is the elevation of the game is just stratospheric. It just keeps going. Which is so impressive and so inspiring. Oh in did you see that Forbes just released that the top ten sports women in the world are all tennis players now. Wow Top ten. I did not see that all curious. I've I mean I feel like if they're Serena Sheriff. Poa type would be on that list. I had that stat here. Let me see Sharipova was at one time. The number one female paid athlete. She has fallen now. To number. Four Serena was number one. Osaka was number two. Okay yes. Sharipova was the highest paid female athlete from many many years. Yeah and then Lena. At one point WH- was like number two because all this new Chinese money was coming into tennis. Oh sorry she's fallen to number seven now. Oh no I'm not buying enough a year candies obviously doing just fine To be number seven in the whole world of tennis players because she started focusing on tennis again so yeah and speaking of number warning Kennan Cannon actually beat Ash Actually Bardy at this tournament as well and Can it beats fit Alina so well right there. Big Wins for young of cannons a teenager. Right I mean that's that's tough stuff. That is so cool. We have these Kenan and cocoa a golf like up and coming so young and full of potential. It's just exciting. So under S Q. She had only played one tournament in the past four months and goes on to win the Toronto title beating all of these heavyweight players. She's now at a career high fourteen in the world and becomes the top teenage player in the world. Unseating Anisimov. That's right Anisimov. Another young oven coming American We're just We're rich in the American tennis right now on the women's side. It's very exciting. I think a lot is coming forward so really really cool. It's GonNa make the. Us Open A lot of fun. Yeah for me anyway. Yeah and rescued did withdraw from Cincinnati because of her legs and obviously she was carrying a kind of a a limp after she one Cannon so as I was saying so many minutes ago I felt like she got a pass because Serena couldn't compete I think could pete I mean she was playing an injured Andrew. Ask you so you would feel like Serena could have won. But you know that that's how the cards fall for this one. Yeah so it's GonNa be it's GonNa be fun you know. We have a couple of tournaments and we're just GONNA be right around the corner. Us Open. Yeah best major the last major last. Sagesse for last. That's right the new as we've got to go to New York together some day yes I mean honestly the the most magical thing that you can experience as a tennis fan in my opinion and when I went it was kind of proven true as like the electric energy of the New York crowned the Arthur. Ashe under the light under the lights and like I think I saw one of the best matches I saw when I went in two thousand nine is ner and Roddick. Wow I stayed till like one or two. In the morning. They went surly the fourth or fifth set. And it was. I mean it was everything I dreamed of and I feel like there's just so many of those awesome matches we saw some really good ones too and It's a really good stadium. We watch this awesome. Fernando overdue. Didn't we are strong? Yeah Yeah Okay. Do you believe it's been ten years. Well more than enough time for us and our ramblings in our talking of tennis I think it's time to let the experts talk and I'm so excited that.

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