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He never. There's certain people that just don't have opportunities like opportunities. They're just they're stuck in this cycle and and and and then and then you got somebody that helps them and opens certain doors for them and i just. I was really moved by this by this movie. I was really moved by this movie. I absolutely loved it. I thought it was a very emotional movie. I it's a very simple script. It really is but man it's there there's something about like and the young girl that plays prayer is is really good like this when she skateboarding. And she's she's feeling this this freedom and this joy i mean there's like this real look like happiness on her face and i don't know man. I was really moved by this movie. I thought it was. I thought it was phenomenal but stephanie. I don't i think you have a cold heart or something. I did hard coral storage all the time. I'll give it tasted. I do think it was a good movie I think that the main actress the young girl. I thought she was great. I agree. I think the angle with which the story was told was great. It was simple but simplicity fit it. Very well I didn't care for the key jessica. The character from europe. That comes in and like i think they focus too much on her story that i didn't care about her all that much and so i didn't need her and i think they focused a little bit too. I think they tried to get to care about her person. And i was just so invested in a little girl and her brother even That i didn't really just. I just kind of do need that. And you'll sometimes that makes movies more palatable for people from other countries watching but i didn't. I didn't necessarily need that character. I thought the story was cute. I thought it was heartfelt and the ending was insanely predictable. But in a really good way i think the only reason i'm not giving it a high tasted or a higher rating is just because i felt like i was forced fed a bit like of empathy towards the torch jessica character of the woman that comes in and gets them interested in skateboarding. And then i didn't really need that but the story doesn't move without her like it doesn't go anywhere without her. I don't mind being in the film. But i don't care why she's no why she's there and like her not accepting the job offer to stay like all of those things like i don't need i didn't need that extra i didn't need that fluff i think i think we do need to find out why she's there like why she's trying to connect with with with those kids and i it worked. It all worked for me. I don't know i'm just a. I'm a pussy apparently drip drip sorry l. Fucking now now. Now i've been christened drip drip god. Damnit matt you're halfway through the up. I at the moment. I get high taste. It probably going to be a latin finished it. It's it's really a heartwarming story. Really enjoying it. Some of the acting a little bit. Spotty from the of the english and american cost. But i think all the all the native cast do so well on the little boy. Her brother is phenomenal. I mean he's onscreen performance. So yeah i can see where stephanie says. It's a bit predictable. Because i can already see what's going to happen but nevertheless i do. Love a good heartwarming story. Yeah people overcoming situations is clearly one of those and actually. I was really surprised how easy i found it to watch the subtitles. Normally find them that. They're moving very quickly. But this was very easy to read and understand what was going on without having to concentrate too much on them. I agree with that as well. Yeah i felt that way too i. Yes it's super heartwarming. I'm just a big fucking. Come off. Like i got rough edges. But i'm a super soft when it comes to shit and fuck in underdog story brian. It is an underdog story. I'm a sucker underdogs me new or both suckers for underdog stories and that were huge like a bad news bears rocky fucking and me and you have gone on record talking to each other through facebook messenger about our feelings about the dark knight rises and how your bats an underdog story as well like why that hits with us so we i am a sucker for underdog stories. I really am like any even sports documentaries. Where you've got like these like well fucking hoosiers matt. Small basketball team in indiana gene. Hackman all my god. I'm a sucker underdog stories and this. This is another one infinite. This is a big one. This is this. Is this hit paramount. Plus and science fiction movie with mark wahlberg. It's inspired by d. eric. Making micron's two thousand nine novel titled the reincarnation est papers it tells the story of a secret group of continuously reincarnated people that battle an evil madman bent on world destruction for centuries centers around. Evan macauley a man haunted by daily haunted daily by skills. He has never learned and the memories of places he's never visited self medicated and on the brink of a mental breakdown. He is rescued by the secret group. Whose members call themselves infants. They reveal to him that his memories are real but they are from multiple past lives. The infants brings evidence to their extraordinary world. Where a gifted few are given the ability to be reborn with their memories and knowledge accumulated over centuries with critical secrets buried in the past. Evan must work with the infants. Who unlocked the answers in his memories in a race against time to save humanity from one of their own who seeks to destroy you got mark waugh bird playing evan. The hero here. And then you got edgy for playing the villain. The big bad in this one also stars jason soukous in this toby jones. Dylan o'brien stranded by anton directed the equalizer equalizer to southpaw. I usually like antoine fuqua. Man this movie is got it than anybody else think of.

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