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Way today. Victor Davis. Hanson was on with Tucker Carlson last night and I think Probably said I want to get your calls here. Mike, Corey, Mary and Mary. Hang on just a second coming. I just I wanted you to hear this because I think it's extremely smart. And it's better said than anybody else talking. I think about yesterday and How do you come to a place where People are this inflamed in this inside it And you know again, make make no mistake. I think people were incited to act yesterday. Don't think that organically happens. I think a subversive element Inject itself into a day like yesterday and then People follow suit. I don't excuse it. But I think that's what happened. So what about People. Would would cause them to do that. Here's some of what Victor said. Well, you have to have calm and you have to have respect for the law. You can't have a republic. You can't have a democracy. You can have a civilization unless there's long, so people who dared to vandalize the capital, the heartbeat, the brain of democracy what people looked all over the world for for guidance. They have to be prosecuted, and there's no excuse. We gotta remember something else, and I and I think that it's very important that the American people are exhausted. They've gone through a year of plague. They've gone through a quarantine. They've gone through a recession. They've gone through months of watching, looting and violence and arson. They've gone through a new type of election where 100 many million people didn't vote on Election Day. And it's contentious. And now they're mad about. They don't understand why they can't be vaccinated and into that conundrum. People they want clarity don't want relativism. They want absolute values. And if you're on the right And you deplored what was antifa and billing did night after night after night attacking a federal courthouse or police And you said, Where are the police? Where is the accountability then you have to apply those same standards today. And if you're on person on the left and night after night, and you quoted Chris Cuomo, but night after night, you said, Well, we can contextualize the violence because ideology trumps accountability. Then you better say the same thing today. Do you really want to say? Well, you know what these people had ideological causes so they should be exempt. Just like I don't think you want to do that. So the American people want accountability and finally, Tucker Donald Trump. I think it's better for him to follow the model of Andrew Jackson. At this point, that election is not going to be changed, and he needs to be and then he goes on about Trump. But I just wanted you to your specifically what He had to say about The folks there yesterday and what Victor speaks for me. I'll tell you that. I'm exhausted, and I'm pissed. I'm not going to storm into a Capitol building. I am damned angry about what's gone on in this country. He's exactly right. I've watched our city burn. And I've watched people like these parts is over at the WFP morning show who dare ask their listeners? How do you feel about the violent trump protest at the Capitol today? They didn't say word one. They didn't say boo about their city burning last summer. We all had to understand, Didn't we and Herr Wolff and idiot toilets are Jim Kenney and all the good Democrats put on their masks and marched in solidarity with the jackasses that burned our first city to the ground last summer. Because the cause right? We'll have to understand that Then we were all told that it was completely in line with our values that satellite election centers. Hand out ballots well in advance. And collect ballots well in advance and drop boxes. Collect ballots well in advance. Balance could be collected days after the election. Hundreds of thousands of ballots could be collected and counted down at the convention center. Out of sight without proper supervision. We can change the way we vote altogether Unconstitutionally and shut up. Biden won by the way. Shut up you You're right. I'm mad. Oh, yeah. And pandemic. Shut down your business. Crush your living. Keep your kids at home so they can't learn. Shut up. You. I'm not supposed to be mad at me. That's exactly what I thought. It's like. So now you have locked people down for nine months. You have taken everything from some people. Some people are dying from much more thing. Coronavirus. Yeah, I'm not supposed to be mad, right? And so you wonder how people are driven to behave like that yesterday. Don't wonder. Don't excuse it, but I don't wonder. Fine for Angelo to sit there with this seven figure paycheck. And it's a handsome one, probably more like eight figures. Where he does his half ass job from his three homes down the shore. And ask about Trump violence. What a jackass. Mike's in the Northeast to get started. Hi, Mike. Good morning, Chris. You know my take on all of this was easy. They breached the guards. Get in the Capitol building and the complete sadness of the media. The, uh true believe the media is in on a lot of this two completed narrative against the American citizen. They have participated in the trailing down of a republic. But before we do have a democracy was witnessed yesterday. A democracy is mob formulated. Without any consensus of wall. So if people they keep saying we wanted democracy, we wanted the marks where he got it because you tear down the republic. We have no checks and balances anymore, and the people are getting frustrated. And they're easily formed to do something like this, because if there's no law, and they're witnessing nowhere being enacted by our court system, nobody wants to look at the floor. Nobody wants a look at the evidence, and they kept saying the media state where's Trump's evidence. Well, you know. Trump is the president. He's not supposed to bring the evidence. There's something called this closure. That if he would disclose the evidence of his lawyer team, they would ruin the case. You don't want to look at the case. They don't want to bring it to court. The Supreme Court punished every Every checks and balances in our system has failed us. And the media is complicity. I bring you back to when they they waited. Roger Stone Sounds Member who was there? CNN was there the first ones there before the FBI and all. Yeah, And my guy. I appreciate it. Thank you. I'm I don't mean to cut you off. I just wanted to move on to Maryann. Thanks very much for your comments. Mike Mary Ann's in Philadelphia next time, Marianne. Hi, Chris. I must say I do like the way your brain works. Yeah. Well, thank you. I appreciate it very much the way you bring. I am right, Mike behind him. 100%, I think One of my pet my opinion, I think Trump was set up..

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