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Mr.. Golob. And with urine gone, how are you doing today? MS. I'm not getting rid of stains in odors caused by cat dog or human urine. It can be quite exasperated Dojo my out. Again, this is a private phone. We have a love Korla again, some of the people that you've bought from in the past told us that you'd be interested in products just like this on not insisted what if we were to send you a free sample moon, then me nothing. I acting enzyme action, which attacks urine and other odor. 'cause I don't want it. It comes with a thirty day money back. You own you do is Hello. Hello. I, this is Mr. Oppenheimer who am I speaking with Natalie, Natalie. Talk to this guy. What can I send you up the phone. Natalie, can I send you a bottle. Urine gone, would you accept that? You know what? I do not believe you're calling me again. What is your problem? MRs Roberts. Clearly you've ordered things online before you don't wanna order anything you got that. I said, no, they've sold your. No, they've sold it. No, no. Hello, this is Mr Michael Oppenheimer haven't you bought things online before from Amazon? Everything online. I don't even go to the store anymore repluse..

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