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And Beaumont to the line was rookie driver. Ryan priests and third joy Ghana who led thirty seven laps finished fourth with rookie. Daniel Hemmer can fit a last lap crash. Took out multiple cars with collar simplicity down the backstretch. He was given the all-clear by medical staff, Jerry, Jordan. Talladega alabama. AP radio news. Jackie quinn. Federal authorities in central California say a former Afghanistan soldiers in custody for allegedly plotting terrorist attack against white supremacist who were rallying in Long Beach, California. US attorney Hannah says that they used an informant to get marked Mingo to plan out pressure cooker bomb attacks, and then he was taken into custody. Mr. Domingo said that he wanted to kill Jews as they walked to synagogue that other times he said he wanted to kill and target police officers attack, a military facility or or attack crowds at the Santa Monica. Pier to bingo had converted to Islam and said he wanted to avenge the New Zealand Mosk shootings to it's congregation and pie. California vows to go forward as a worshiper killed in Saturday's shooting his honor. Family and friends gathered at the hub of pow way near San Diego to memorialize congregate. Laurie. K rabbi Goldstein who lost a finger in the shooting told the gathering we will continue growing thriving building. And doing what our mission was to bring light to the world. Dr Howard k who two days earlier administered CPR to his dying wife said there was no blood. She she she Ray quickly and she did not suffer. She went straight. Oh, I Mike Rossier? Attorney Michael Evans, pleaded not guilty to charges that he stole millions of dollars from clients cheated on his taxes and lied to investigators. He was arraigned today in federal court. It's not clear if attorney general William bar will appear before the House Judiciary committee Thursday to discuss the Russia report, the US air force academy says it's removed. It's coming out of cadets admitted an investigation Brigadier General, Kristin Goodwin has been relieved of duties this is AP radio. News Boeing's CEO says they're making progress. In software changes after two deadly crashes. We feel the immense gravity of these events. CEO? Dennis mambas told shareholders Boeing is close to completing a software upgrade on the seven three seven max to address the issue that brought down a line air jet in Indonesia, and in Ethiopia and airlines flight crashes that killed a total of three hundred forty six people in both cases faulty sensor readings. Triggered a system which forced the planes noses downward Momberg says he's been onto tests wipes in recent weeks. So I could get some hands on experience with the new software and listened to our pilots while they're flying it, and he vowed the seven three seven max will be the safest plane ever. I'm Ben Thomas. In Chicago, Paul and Jauregui announces that he's part of a lawsuit against Boeing. I lost my beloved wife. Caroline and three children seeks out training for yet would Kelly and baby will be they died in the crash..

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