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Attack on tourists visiting from arizona we've acidy leaders of two story we broke will lead to any policy changes on a legal street camping mayor jenny durken says she'll respond to us tomorrow meanwhile in addition to the mayor we'd reached out to the city council to ask if the tourist attack will change the city's priorities we'll keep you posted as we hope for those responses sometime tomorrow and another shooting and seattle multiple shots fired and seattle's bell town overnight we know at least one man is at harborview he may not survive the shooting happened near the ambert nightclub first avenue at about two o'clock this morning officers had shut down a parking lot with yellow tapers gathered evidence neighbors we spoke with said the heard at least twenty shots fired waiting to hear back from seattle pd on whether they've caught the shooter and what led up to this event komo news time is ten thirty four we have dylan paul with us here with aaa traffic every ten minutes on board your commute out there so far in good shape out of there on your father's day i five north and southbound in and out of seattle looking pretty clear as well as i ninety eastandwestbound moving along nicely as well there is one crash in downtown seattle on fifteenth avid fifty ninth street that's blocking all but one of the southbound lanes we were also looking at fourth avenue downtown seattle it's closed between university street and the union street for construction both of those places you're either gonna want to avoid or plan for some extra time the joint base lewis mcchord maingate just off of i five at exit one twenty is currently under construction and there will be no outbound traffic using the gate as well as inbound traffic.

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