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And many of the Tigers fans are convinced that the tides will not turn until they find the statue and make their immense to Colonel Sanders. Their tides in the other types in rivers to two rivers have tied. They have currents currents colonels this. Okay. And so finally in two thousand nine we have an update on this story after a quarter of a century in watery grave or Saka has solved. The mystery of the missing Colonel son does the Kentucky Fried Chicken mascot, hold down of the tomboy river in the center of the city during cleanup full river. The city of Sokha was like doing some remodeling, and they were working on a project near the river. And they had a diver in the water who's working on construction. And he found something buried in the bottom in the mud of the river. And at first he thought it was a barrel. And then he was worried it might be like corpse, but they took it out of the water. And they realized that what they'd uncovered was the torso of the statue of Colonel Sanders from twenty years ago. So they have this big fanfare, they pull the whole statue out of the river. There's a literal unveiling with like performers cameras, flashing everywhere. The Colonel does not look like he's in good shape. He is still smiling that missing his left hand. Exactly. He's missing his left hand. And so some fans think that that's why the Tigers still have yet to make to another championship. But the team hasn't finished in last place in their league since the statue's been found. So make of that. What you will? It sounds like the hustle puff play second place or nothing. We have they found the hand they still looking I imagine they're still looking I think some of the urgency's gone away because they've found most of the statue in that feels like enough, you know, they're on the up and up again. Now, they're at least not combating this curse. Now. They're just having all the normal problems that baseball teams have when they're bad. There's not like this doom hanging over them. But personally, I don't think finding the hand would hurt. So where's the Colonel now? So the Colonel has been taken the regional KFC where it was stolen from doesn't exist anymore. So they took it to a KFC that's really near the. Stadium where the Tigers play and you can still visit there today. All right. Well, the Kentucky Fried curse undone somewhat. We've learned a lot today. Producer, Sarah, Wyman and Sally Herships. Thank you. Thank you. Taught. As always, please leave us a review and raiding on apple podcasts. It really helps new listeners find the show, and if you have comments and story ideas, send them over to household name at insider dot com. This episode was produced by Sally Herships, and Sarah Wyman with Amy for Dula and a measure Akkas and me our editor is John Palmer sound design original music by John to Lor and Casey Holford special. Thanks to the Japan center for international exchange. The foreign press center, Japan, he go gillum and Yoko Tani translations were read by Clinton dire. Rich Villani grant Flanagan shivani Gonzales alley where Christian to win. Meg tech men fuller. Lauren Thompson and Celia ska viral. The executive producers of household name art, Chris Bannon, Jedi rattle it and me. We're back in a few weeks. Household name is production of insider audio. And. Stitcher. Household. Name will be coming back with more episodes in January. This is success. We'll be back soon to we're making some changes to the show that I'm really excited about.

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