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Com slash drivenow well that's what's his name mug tanja chuck todd also a taxidermist kerry found that so fast all of it he now he said this centipede he caught it and they they will bite is hugh earlier allow and that's not a there's a better picture because it chose a him holding a perspective at us manhattan but he says i caught him on i put him in a buck that he was still alive and he stood up in the bucket like a cold rods nightmare fuel he crawled out of that bucket four or five times before i got him in there even eventually managed to get the santa pete inside a plastic bag and froze it in a freezer after it died i took it out and bought it next couple of days a put him in some a piece of styrofoam borden pindi now injected him with formaldehyde in areas man oh man man i'm on the wall yeah yeah he did i just my skin is crawling through uh as this i think this is a vietnamese they're called vietnamese centipedes uh and if you are bitten by wanted says you would expect exterior experience extreme pain he has fight is just really hard bat redmi round the by any in rare cases uh you could have caused death but there but they're not poisonous set that cady air hack via the on damage they're not poisonous net really necessarily although you can get you know like an award gic reaction or something to them all right uh pretty creepy huh yeah uh the a utah set all me to destroy iom amazon yes let's a jeff these home berkshire hathaway at so rc willie warren buffett warren buffett they owned mercy willie k and a jp morgan chase now i don't know too much about jp morgan chase other than it's a you know so financial but i know that uh uh warren buffett berkshire hathaway hathaway is a very wealthy one of the is often on the top of the list of wealthiest men in the world yeah uh and he's also liberal spirit of social liberal particularly uh and jeff bezos of amazon also social liberal with conscience okay i bring these the because they have announced it's amazon berkshire hathaway and jp morgan chase that they are forming an independent health care company too served their employees that's a lot of.

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