Rod Rosenstein, Deputy Attorney General, Fox News discussed on Coast to Coast AM with George Noory


Is on his way out Richard Jordan. Fox News deputy attorney general rod Rosenstein will depart next month. A senior Justice department official tells Fox News deputy attorney general rod Rosenstein is expected to leave by March twenty general Bill bar is expected to pick. His former law firm colleague Jeffrey Rosen to replace Rosenstein as soon as this week timeline for roses times departure comes into the upper over comments by former FBI deputy director, Andrew McCabe who says he was fired because he opened investigation into the president Senate Judiciary, chairman Lindsey Graham has accused Rosenstein and McCabe of orchestrating what he calls it a misery of coup. It is promising an investigation in Washington, Shawn. Liangelo Fox News, California is among these sixteen states suing President Trump for declaring a national emergency to fund a border wall. There's also military money that goes to installations military relations where our men and women in uniform and their families reside taking that away hurts California valleys. Are in the military, California. Attorney general heavier Bassiro White House officials say they can move the money without hurting the military attorneys for empire actor Jesse Sma. Let's say at this time there are no plans for him to meet with Chicago. Detectives for a follow up interview about his reported assault last month. Millette told police he was physically attacked by two men. Smell lawyers say the actor feels victimized by reports that he played a role in the assault. Most schools in West Virginia will be closed today as teachers across the state go on strike, the state's teachers say the new West Virginia Senate Bill considers outside interests such as perks for charter schools over teachers wellbeing. Fred Albert with the American federation of teachers said that calls for drastic measure. We are calling a state wide strike school service personnel say they'll join the teachers the unions have no timetable for the strike. Fox's grenell? Scott. A teachers strike last year lasted nine days. This is Fox News. You get a raise or something. Yeah. Right. And how can you afford to drive that huge car?.

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