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It shakes it changes every time you look at it keeps you open and curious in because you have no idea the may look like whatever and i that's one no way you come from always remember when you come doesn't mean that eu stays stuck there but it's it is it is the source and we only had one source each and every one of us and never forget that identity and and have your loved ones anthony loved ones that leaves you need to at least of loved ones everybody should know that experience everybody should have had children that anybody needs to have treatment that everybody should have none of what cher cher was a great before asif our question out acknowledged you stare for being an incredible gift to humanity in helping so many people to hurt pain confusion heartache create healing them cells in their hearts and mend shirt relationships especially in the relationship with themselves sweating nausea consisting working for decades in helping area his final question is what your definition of greatness oh god i to have a free life a fully lights and that means whatever means for me means fun and interesting things and creativity and enough money to do what i want and and robust group of friends and a and a great relationships with my son and we may husband i mean fooling adjusts to feel like lake you satiated that's if you have a life in which you feel satiated to me any way than i feel like i have greatness but i could also this ten different way such a it's a great word because.

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