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Jakarta indonesia october twenty eighteen aviation analyst jerry socia- von on the morning of the on the line. I was woken up by a colleague who alerted me. That align aircraft crashed is that it's the max and i was surprised because he was a new aircraft by company provided the air data for aircraft flying around jakarta area so i went to the computer looked at a date that he was immediately apparent. That is was wrong. The plane went up to about two thousand feet just over a minute after takeoff and the plane had a bit of a dive and then the plane climbed to about five thousand feet. But then i five thousand feet. Claims fluctuating up and down. They started diving it. It just didn't make sense. You don't see planes diving on departure. I was baffled. Why did it go. Now light stacy's six ten when missing from radar. One hundred eighty nine people were killed in the crash of lion air flight. Six ten the boeing seven. Three seven max. As the plane was a new boeing seven thirty-seven marks. What do we know about this. 737 max. Eight sherline jeddah boeing history. Just introduced the year before. We don't know what caused this crash upright through the evening. It applied dodd recorded. Holds many of the caves. The data from the black box quickly got to faa engineers in the united states in seattle washington former faa engineer. Joe jacobson but there is a purity of this data comes directly from the black boxes so it's recording airspeed altitude data showed what appeared to be a glitch something repeatedly moving part of the plane's tail controlling it's pitch didn't take long and just a couple of minutes to see that there was rapid movement of the horizontal stabilizer. Probably the fastest way to kill yourself in. An airplane is to have the stabiliser malfunction in city new york times reporter. James plans by spine literally tangled. When i saw the traces from the black box the plane continually tried to push the nose down and the highlights were trying over and over again to stop the plane and in the end they lose that battle what boeing had not told airlines or their pilots was that it had put a powerful software system on the new airplane in the lion hair crash. This system was receiving incorrect information. And that made a plane dive straight downward and destroy itself inside boeing. They quickly diagnosed the problem and began working on a fix but they stood by. The max has hundreds of them took to the air around the world carrying thousands of passengers. Company alerted pilots about handling potential malfunction blowing in the faa today warned airlines that sensors on seven thirty-seven max. Eight jets bell function following a foam advisory in spain issued to the pilots new york. Times reporter natalie. The reporting showed boeing knew that it was risky but their response was to blame. The pilots pilots did not into cutoff. Switches boeing says. That action was part of well established protocols for all seven thirty seven and that led to a series of decisions that kept the plane in the air and then we got another crash breaking news out of ethiopia where a plane went down european airlines flight three. Oh two on its way to nairobi from ati saba. Seven thirty seven max. Abe jetliner crashed minutes after taking off through crushes. The same plan three hundred forty six people killed an iconic american companies reputation in tatters. The story of the boeing. Seven thirty seven. Max would end up exposing corporate deception and a broken regulatory process but at the center was a software system supposed.

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