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Insurance insure done. That would be as be as popular because like you said leukemia with the jewish thing. I think when when you put in a position where you need to innovate out of necessity. In i was opposed to luxury. You know. it doesn't always lead to a better product or a better piece of odds of someone and so forth. So i do believe that i do also with the technology thing especially in regards to the stall the original star wars. The it was more. It was better. Because i was collaboration. Gave and georgia's almost emplacing. Is you know really helped and guided whether it was his wife at the time. Ralph mkhori designs and stuff. Let's say i. I can't see it being as good. I just just just on. I think the magic there is also the cornerstone to the original. Film is the acting in the chemistry between the actors. We know for facts that the actors and and mcgregor was talking about this earlier on our show in his interview with etro or discussion with petro saying it was really difficult. Act in a huge room was even green or blue and that was it. And i don't think these actors would have thrived in that environment particularly because this is the first one. This is the first film at least with the prequels that was some kind of idea of stall was vernacular style architecture design because it had to whole original trilogy as reference. You know the first one. You don't have that. So i think that's there's tons of raisins lewke boy to to basically say now. I don't think. I don't think it would have been as successful. My boy your thoughts my home. I tear them. Because you said you've been thinking about this so yeah it's more to do for me with the attitude of it. Because is it george. Lucas of seventy seven. Or is it really nine thousand nine hundred ninety seven total ninety five when he working on special editions. Because if it's if it's nine hundred and seventy seven mid seventy s doors. Lucas and he has to take viable. I think he does a good job with so with star wars with a new hope because he had he did what he cook with tech available then and look where he gave us and the reason i was films work certain new hope as well because they were groundbreaking for the time and they still look great. Now look at the opening scene with With the before being harassed by vader's ship while the superstar story is still still looks. Great now So george i think the films look good. And i think the feelings do well because like you say the collaborative effort and that was one of the things i do. Think about his famous quote. You've mentioned many times recently site in the editon room. You go gary kurtz there's won't pull the strings and everybody else was well and everything came together to create this wonderful product and i think with those guiding voices. i think. I think it would've been as successful. Generally don't if you have the same thing. I think it would have been as successful because there is something about the way the new hope was show the use of those practical effects and that tangibility that you said the fact that the mark carey harrison an onset they could re react to what was going on the new die. Noga you know that. Somebody's somebody's got the hand underwater lifting the on a popular. That i like to see is there and like you mentioned of you. Being very polite with is basically the wife. Saying i really didn't like working on the pre cruise the the process of working on them. He's come out and said so many times he's he he's proud of the film was aimed over. Say he loves. Will love. Working as obi nonstop was but you know he tighted pretty much working with green and bruce weenie said that so many times over the years but so i think they would have done well. But if he's the mid nineties george lucas. Who went back to tinker and the whole more is now less approach almost did with add in so many do vaccine without the added up poop jokes and i don't think it does as well if that georgia's unto us on off the leash wouldn't now had no idea what it gives us back then because we know what we wanted to do he still couldn't do it in the mid nineties so i can only imagine what it would have given us so. I don't think it would have been a successful if it was later. George lucas without if he had that mindset in the seventies for the up and coming george coming off american graffiti. I think you could give us a good film with better technology. And i know that's going to be heresy to send people. It's a classic room for reason. But i think it would have been as big a way. Because the factor ease beacon. Our spooned including pocus goes to show that. It's not really much you can do to improve. The original. Original is i mean. It's a funny one because we we also someone that maybe i didn't take into consideration as avatar. I don't think avatar that gray is is yeah. That's it so the allowed fine. It's fine it's all right. i don't remember anita characters names every woman it because it was different so there's always that take into consideration if it was stalled would have been the first of its kind and was anyway. So that's that's taken consideration so it would like mike said it would have done well. I don't think we would have been the special thing that it is today. So great question outlook. We love number good token points. Are roberts luke. Thank you so much for your patriot. Questions listeners let us know your answers are your thoughts on news. We're going to be back next week with another load of patriot questions. But i think we're telling he has over bombing. Sorry about the mess. Sorry sorry though. We're going to be back again this time next week. For the bees in the band sina.

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