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Of the population every year most people recover after a few days but some may develop serious complications last for season seventy two people were reported to have died from flu related illnesses in idaho idaho is the fourth largest producer of milk in the united states and supports more than twenty three thousand jobs many of those in idaho's dairy industry are in wisconsin this week for the world's dairy expo while the dairy expo may not sound like much do you at i it's considered by those in the business as i can't miss event kristin olsen is with the world dairy expo in says companies from many other countries will also attend the not only north america that are coming hip contests are ferhat exhibitor from europe here currently is a worldwide event were really excited it takes taping quaint said he again nearly seventy five thousand people visited the expo in 2016 it's so popular events through twenty twenty two are already being planned rick worthington six seventy kboi ally and i am tyler martin six seventy kdoi six thirty four right now traffic debut stabilized stomach lasso guerout and we're in great shape now no problem slowing you down leave downtown boise i'd say chinoy the connector we're looking good through the flying why just a little bit of leftover slowing there as you come off that far right ramp looks better on westbound eightyfour even through nap on up he called well we do still have a bit of congestion right around the intersection of meridian road and you stick traffic sponsored.

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