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There's the native american goes to hippie. Goes to at woodstock some guy with an arrow through his neck like a boy scout leader with an arrow back. Yeah is there a ghost making clay. They mentioned in the first episode. They're like listen. This is great movies. Super hot called goes so i'm going to lean more towards pop it but i do agree that it needs each give some more time. Yeah and it's on paramount plus which i got paramount plus to watch a cardinals football game and now i'm stuck watching ghosts. So that's how they get you. What did you watch this week. Nicole i honestly do not watch much. But i did watch a new movie lnu to me. At least things heard and seen on net flicks. It has amanda red and james norton and they are a married couple who has to move from the big city of new york to a smaller suburb outside of new york hudson valley because he gets a different job that he has to go do and things become very sinister she sees she doesn't see goes for daughter can see a ghost in her room but she definitely senses it decipher it senses and then she wants to find out the history of the house she has two young boys who come and clean up her house keep the maintenance outside the grass and stuff clean and they are the kids of the parents who live in that house in the parents are that house died. The father was abusive and then later. The husband of amanda saif read james norton who plays george clare he actually is a killer himself and she she ends up finding out and she kind of calls him out on it and yeah as we would if you found out your husband murderer bounce in our closet but it's actually really good movie. It was definitely a good movie to watch around halloween time. 'cause it has a little spooky but if you're looking for a good thriller movie and a higher end actress i've definitely get this a book on netflix on my netflix and chill list. Alex would you watch this week. I watched my teeth. It's on netflix. At stars what lindbergh junior you might recognize from them so you spiderman bumblebee alita battle angel. Also stars steady ryan. Lucy fry alfie allen's in it and there's an appearance by megan fox it's directed by atom. Randall the movie about this kid who picks up this job as a driver for a couple of women who then turn out to be vampires turf wars on really understand and like some history then never give me gets cleared up. So i don't it sounds like you're dropping it saying like i don't really have much to say about it. The only thing that i like about it where like the visual and lighting. So i mean yeah pop it if you like like pretty people. Four storyline and mediocre acting. But other than that. I'm just going to drop my teeth. I also watched the last. Oh gee season four premiere and created jordan peele if you haven't heard of it It first.

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